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Cudsxxx Posts: 208
There is a MOUSE in my kitchen!!!! I'm freaked!! H2B just went out for poison. Anyone have any ideas? I'm sorry it's not humane but its either him or me!!!! :eek
MJR Posts: 387
aww no you should get a humane trap put some peanut butter in the end of it then let H2B release it in a field somewere. If you poison its a horrible horrible slow death and youll find his little swelled body somewhere :weep :weep :weep :weep
Champagne Sorbet Posts: 219
Trap and a piece of chocolate! Don't poison the poor little fecker :o( "Where there's mice thers no rats" as they say so be grateful you've only got the poor little bugger to get rid of!
Excited2010 Posts: 777
omg just kill him. Jesus thats the thing im most afraid to find in my house. That and these massive bleedin spiders that are around these days
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Yep, the little buggers love chocolate. Melt it a little so it sticks to the trap to make sure that he can't steal it without setting off the trap. At least he'll die with a mouthful of chocolate rather than poison!
whoop Posts: 1310
:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek
Cudsxxx Posts: 208
Thanks Guys - the update is that the beast has eaten the poison so I assume that he's met his maker. Just worried about where the body will show up now!!!
ellis Posts: 34
more that likly in the wall cavity, next time bit of choclate spread and break the buggers neck that wat you can chuck him in thhe wheely bin and not be wondering what the smell is every time you turn the heating on oops...... speaking from experience
bpjon Posts: 142
aggghhhhhhhh I hate d feckers....had THREE of them in my car last year, nearly died, didnt drive car for over a week after :( .....hope thats end of them for u !!
chrystal Posts: 863
I'm only seeing this thread now but glad you have it sorted. Hope the body doesn't stink out the house on you, as they usually hide away and die and then decompose. I would have offered you my cat had I seen the thread earlier. >:o)