Seamus De Burca Humanist Celebrant Reviews/Feedback?

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Jollyone! Posts: 1
Hi All, Has anyone had or been to a wedding where Seamus De Burca was a celebrant please? I am a bit nervous about booking him without any indication of how he'll be on the day but I can't find any reviews. All feedback, both good and bad is very welcome!
Themare Posts: 1
Hi was just wonderingif you got to meet him? He is available for our wedding but would be great to hear some feedback. Thanks
lindamasonirl Posts: 1
Hi, I'm after the same information! We have tentatively booked him but can't find any reviews... Any info would be appreciated! Thanks
FloatOn11 Posts: 1
Hi All, Anyone have any feedback on Seamus De Burca? We're thinking of booking him for our wedding but have seen nothing online in terms of recommendations. Any info would be great! Thanks
Team Moriartin Posts: 1
Hi,we're in the same boat, just looking for any info, please.
Aluap42 Posts: 19
Can't be of much help on this one really. I was in touch with Seamus before our wedding but ended up booking another celebrant. When I emailed to explain we wouldn't be booking never heard from him again. I also tried for feedback but couldn't find anyone who had been to one of his ceremonies. It might be worth meeting with him before booking. We went with Bill Chase. Lovely man and really easy going. No problems. My sister got Denis Hobson who was excellent and also a pleasure to deal with. The couple puts the ceremony together so I think the most important thing is that you get on well with the celebrant!
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John Dunlea Posts: 1
Has anyone had any ceremonies with Seamus since? Or met him? i am also interested in some feedback. Thanks!
Katie Mc Namara Posts: 1
We have him booked for April this year so would also like to know if anyone have had him and what your experiences were?
Veronica Tadman Wedding Singer Posts: 88
Hi WOLies, I was at two Humanist ceremonies last year where he officiated and they were beautiful ceremonies.
mrscrockett Posts: 1
Hi, Just wondering has anyone attended a wedding with seamus since? Thinking of booking him. Also would appreciate feedback on a humanist weddings. Thanks, Ciara