searching for pearl and diamante jewellery

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dewdee Posts: 444
Ladies, I am looking for a fairly delicate pearl and diamante/crystal necklace and bracelet for bm's. There is plenty online but I am a bit dubious about buying without actually seeing it. Has anyone seen anything in the shops around Galway/Mayo/Sligo? Just can't find what i'm looking for! Thanks :thnk
candypants Posts: 8575
Yep i seen fab ones in argos. And there actually in a section called jewellery for bm. Not to pricey either. HTH :wv
dewdee Posts: 444
thanks a mil, will check it out straight away!
flower09 Posts: 28
Hi, I got my necklace from a bridal shop and it sounds what you are looking for here is the website you can buy them direct i got the lune necklace and it is fab they dont look much in the hand but when you put them on the shimmer and look fab..... www.princessedunjour
coco chanel Posts: 29
Hi there, I got lovely delicate swarovski crystal and pearl jewellery for my BMs from Carol Shaw ( a supplier on this site). They got so much admiration on the day - they were so sparkly in the sunlight! PM me if you would like a pic :wv
So-xcited Posts: 21
Hi not sure what your price range is but Ti Sento jewelry might be worth looking at - not sure where stocks them in the west.
dewdee Posts: 444
thanks for all the suggestions guys - am checking them out :wv
ceewa Posts: 478
Try she's a Galway based designer and the stuff in her showroom is gorgeous and not overly expensive
farrellandchase Posts: 557
Hi dewdee I wore a Miglio necklace to a friends wedding recently and had so many people admiring it. I think it would be beautiful for bridesmaids, It can be worn long or short and comes in two colour options. I purchased it from Pauline, she has a facebook page and can come to your house to present the Miglio range or you can order from the brochure. Anyway here's her facebook page [url:aqlalmnq][/url:aqlalmnq] And here's the necklace I wore, it looks much nicer in reality! [img:aqlalmnq][/img:aqlalmnq] Here's another beautiful necklace, the attachment is separate [img:aqlalmnq][/img:aqlalmnq] Best of luck, Pamela