seaweed baths?

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Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
just wondering if anyone ever had one and if you found it beneficial and if so in what way?
aisleen Posts: 286
hi PB I have had several seaweed baths in my lifetime, in Ballybunion in Kerry. They are gorgeus, really relaxing and fantastic for skin and hair. After about 20-30 mins your skin feels like a babies and hair is so shiny and just feels great. I'd highly recommend it. They (whoever they are) say you should run straight from the bath into the sea for the ultimate in skin therapy. The Atlantic Ocean isn't that appealing however!! If you get the chance to have one its definitely worth a try.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I have had a few in Strandhill in Sligo you smell a wee bit icky after but they are fantastic
Mrs Gill Posts: 223
I had one in Strandhill too and i have to say i didn't really enjoy it that much. i felt that it was way too slimy. if i wanted a pampering treatment i'd pick a massage or facial instead. Just my opinion
Christmas B Posts: 6191
Seaweed is sooooooooooooo good for your skin!! Friends of my parents live by the sea and the Mum was having some alergey for years. Nothing could clear it. Someone suggested to her to get some fresh seaweed from the rocks and plonk it into her bath and to bath in it. In over 2 years now, she hasn't had a peep out of her alergey since. She has a seaweed bath once a week!! Seaweed is soooooooooooooo good for your skin and hair!!