seborrheic dermatitis - really down :(

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anon2000 Posts: 2
I dunno why i've gone anon for this but i have! i've always had very sensitive skin, bit of eczema on my hands and elbows etc but nothing too bad but around xmas i woke up with two very swollen red eyes and sore face, thought it was allergy so took some antihistimes and went for food allergy testing. I was allergic to wide range things, dairy, eggs, anything citrus which i cut out for a month and it was a little better and i've really limited my intake of these since however my skin has gotten awful. I have very dry flaky itchy scalp around my hair line and i get patches of dry itchy skin on my eye lids and below my eyes, forehead and sides of face and ears, at times it gets so bad its weepy. My eyes are swollen and it makes me look awful. I've been back and forth to doctors (nhs - i'm up north) and they diagnosed it as seborrheic dermatitis and told me basically there is no cure just maintanence but in no way did they try to pin point to cause. i've tried oral medication they gave me, it helped with scalp but did nothing for my face, so i'm using medicated shampoo (neutogena tgel) for my scalp and and antifungal cream and epaderm moisturiser for my face daily but it keeps flaring up and getting me so down. I have job where i'm always meeting public and i have gone from being reasonably confident to hiding behind my hair and not wanting to go out and my biggest worry is im getting married in a year and feel like calling it off because of this. My doctor has referred me to dermatologist but i was told this could take up to a year!!! I dont have private health insurance so if i was to go private it would cost approximately £220 for a consultation at the ulster independent clinic which would be very hard to find at the minute. has anyone experienced this or have any help or suggestions?
deborahcurranmakeup Posts: 174
Hi Anon2000, I am really sorry to read your post, you must be terribly upset by this. You have absolutley nothing to be embarrassed about and a positive attitude is very important to overcome this as stress is definitely going to make this worse and once this type of condition starts it can reoccur and flare up during stressful times in your life. It's unfortunate that you cannot get to a dermatologist as they really are the best for any kinds of skin conditions. However if that's not a possibility my advice would be to go to your local health food shop, products with selenium can be good for seborrhoeic dermatitis and I would also speak to your pharmacist. UV light can also be very beneficial as it can control the sebum. Again your pharmacist or doctor should advise you on this as UV treatment has to be carefully controlled. I also highly recommend EUCERIN, there is a large range of products for eczema and dermatitis conditions and it is excellent, Boots carries a very large range of Eucerin products. I completely understand that the cost of a private dermatologist may be hard to come by but I honestly feel that you will probably spend as much money on alternative treatments and if there is any way at all of getting the private appointment then you would feel much better and your condition could be diagnosed by a specialist. This is very common and you are definitely not alone in this, I am not a dermatologist however I am a qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist and I see many girls with sudden flare up on the face or neck and believe me it doesn't last forever but you will have to find a way to watch out for the triggers. I hope this helps, feel free to pm me if you need any other advice. Deborah Curran 0879123972
Leigh Posts: 188
Hi anon2000, sorry to hear that your getting down about skin, i just have a recommendation that i think would be worth a try. The range La Roche Posay is really good and they have recently brought out a face cream called Ds Cream (think tahts the name) that is specifiacally for seb derma,there are also shampoos in the same range which are amazing and would be really good for scalp and hairline. As far as i know most big pharmacies should stock the range, and through my job i know that the dermatologists in Blackrock clinic etc often write prescriptions/recommendations for people to use this range, hope that helps and best of luck :wv
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I also recommend La Roche Posay it's great for all skin types but especially good for very dry,sensitive skin. I have really dry skin but it was much worse years ago, had dermatitis and exzema. I also saw a dermatologist for it and I think it might be worth reconsidering attending one, they are the experts! My last dermatologist actually recommended Roche Posay products so must be good if dermatologists recommend it! I really hope the condition improves I can imagine what you are going through!
anon2000 Posts: 2
thank you so much for your posts and kind words, it really helped alot!! Your right about the stress, people keep asking me if there is anything different bothering me and this is the only thing so its a bit of a catch 22 but i am trying to stay positive about it. Its just a constant pain in the back side and i'm always worrying about what my face looks like. I'm trying to get an appointment with a private dermatologist in the hope they can do something for me and i will definitely look into the products recommended. i really hope this clears up before i become a complete hermit and it seems every girl i meet has perfect smooth glowing skin so i am determined to beat this! thanks again for your responses, they are much appreciated!
ott Posts: 3920
I know exactly how you feel. :action32 I have a combination of psoriasis and eczema (it was once thought to be seborrheic dematitis) on my face. I get it on my forehead, all around my eyes, above my lip, to the sides of my mouth and all over my neck. That's not to mention all the other areas I get it on my body. I went to see a dermatologist last November for the first time since I was a child and with the products and medication she gave me, it has pretty much cleared up. I know exactly what to do to keep it under control now. I really think you should pay to see a dermatologist yourself - you could easily spend the consultants fee of £220 trying out different products that won't work for you. Or, would you ask your GP for a referral down south - can you do that? My dermatologist's fee is €180 (in Dublin), so it's a good deal cheaper. I know it's still a lot of money - but I'm so happy with my skin now that it's worth every penny. Here are the details of what the dematologist told me to use on my face: Cleanser: Aveeno Hydrating Body Wash (seriously) Moisturiser: Oilatum cream Hydrocortisol ointment - twice a day for two days, then once a day for two days - this was to clear my skin up initially, I can't use it anymore now. Protopic ointment - twice a day for a week, once a day for a week, now I put it on whenever I see a dry patch appearing. Best of luck!
maria123 Posts: 13
Hi, please check out this site:, the best to deal with that is first to understand it. Learn about the anti fungal products and the oils that you can not use on your skin. It's a life saver