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Babesface Posts: 22
Hi Brides. Getting married next month. We're quiet people having a relatively small one day wedding. We have a 2 year old so we'll probs be in a heap after the one event! The best man was chatting to the Groom the other day about our plans for the day after the wedding and suggesting we all go for dinner (the two groomsmen, myself and the groom). I was asking a bridesmaid then about what normally is done the day after the wedding as we've only ever been to weddings as children so don't know what the norm is. She said there's usually a dinner with just close friends and family. Is that actually a thing? Is anyone else doing it after a one day wedding? Who pays for this dinner? So lost right now!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Iv been to loads of weddings, some people have a party the next day, some people do informal drinks & others do absolutely nothing! It's completely up to you. We went for drinks with the grooms family who were staying in the hotel another night then had more drinks that night with a group of friends. Very informal, we had a bereavement right before the wedding so a big party just wasn't appropriate for us nor could I have been bothered planning one, the wedding was enough!
lorrimar Posts: 837
It's entirely up to you and your OH if you want to do something the next day or not, you don't have to. We just reserved an area in our local pub and had finger food the day after as there was an Ireland rugby world cup match on. We were back in the hotel for around 6.30 though, it was a very relaxed afternoon. We were all shattered after the wedding and most of my OH's family had to travel.
Hermia Posts: 56
We decided not to have a second day. We're staying in the hotel the night after the wedding and are thinking of inviting the bridal party to stay as well, there's a spa and pub food etc, informal and only if they want. I'll be getting a massage the day after anyway! It's totally up to you.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We went back to my sisters house (large garden) for a garden party. It was just parents, siblings, bridal party and partners. We were all exhausted so it was nice not to be doing anything too hectic!
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
I'm not too fussed on a second day thing, but I think if we didn't plan anything we would regret it. Would like to go back to our house afterwards but would put a lot of pressure on us to have food in etc and it's a winter wedding so a bbq is out unfortunately! Neither family would want to go to the other family's house I would imagine as its about a 30 min drive and taxis might be difficult to come by as its a busy week. Our own house is prob a little too small to host a party for 20/30 people as well but if it's in the local hotel bar people be sitting spread out!
Mrs-C-to-be Posts: 71
We reserved an area in the local pub near the venue and anyone who wanted to stay was there. We just ordered platters of finger foods which worked out great and everyone had a brill night.