second hand shops that would buy a designer dress from me?

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Mrs Curly Posts: 499
Alright, confession time. I was shopping with my Mam for her outfit and allowed myself be pressured into trying on a dress while I was there. In fairness, it was an absolutely stunning dress, but not something I'd usually wear. Following some Oscar winning sales pitches, I parted with a serious amount of money, that this side of the wedding I could well use on other things - suffice it to say that I'd easily have gotten 2 complete outfits in Coast, possibly 3 for the same amount of money! :oops: As I said, the dress is fabulous, but I don't have the confidence to wear it. And even if I could convince myself to wear it after a few stiff Bacardis, everytime I look at it, I want to kick myself for my stupidity and am filled with guilt when I think of what I could have bought for the same money. I'm not entitled to a refund and credit is of no use as there's nothing else in the shop I'd wear (and Mam now has her outfit). Any suggestions as to how I might get rid of it without losing most of my money?
AislinnS Posts: 1253
Not sure where you're based, but the Stock Exchange in Dublin (off baggot street) or Naphisa in Cork are your best bets if you're selling on. Make sure the tags stay on the dress undamaged, and keep the hanger you got it with if you can. Hrm. Other options - does FMIL have her outfit yet? Might be worth a look for that. Just curious though, why do you think you're not entitled to a refund? Missing receipt or left it too long?
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
You could sell it on e-bay
Mrs Curly Posts: 499
thanks girls. was thinking I'd try e-bay if all else fails. Aislinn, have you contact details for the Stock Exchange? I'm not entitled to a refund as there's nothing wrong with the dress - I could get credit alright, but it was bought in a shop that had nothing else that I'd wear and unfortunately, everyone has their outfits for my wedding already now! Mam is trying to persuade me to keep it and wear it, but I'll try that Stock Exchange place and see how I get on! Thanks again a very silly Curly
AislinnS Posts: 1253
They've left city centre, but they're out in Dun Laoghaire now. Stock Xchange Designer Swapshop 21 Upr Georges St Dun Laoghaire Dublin 01 2020720
007 Posts: 1462
if kildare is handy for you there is a designer swap shop in newbridge, tosca i think!! have you tried to get a refund? a lot of stores will give you one if you have your receipt even if theres nothing wrong with it..... :D
Mrs Curly Posts: 499
thanks girls, will probably see if I can sell it on ebay - swap shops will sell it for a third of its value and split the proceeds fifty-fifty - not an ideal outcome! March07 - tried to get a refund but they wouldn't entertain me and in fairness were under no legal obligation to. Ah well! Lesson learnt!
lal Posts: 403
Hi, Thats a bummer. I'm praying to god i will still like my dress when i go for the final fitting...haven't seen it in months as its still in the shop. Anyway, what about exchanging it for a credit note and then trying to sell the credit note for something less than its face value? Might be easier than trying to sell the dress and if it is a fairly well known shop, you might get plenty of takers on this site? HTH Lal
lucylu Posts: 162
there is a shop in Sandyford industrial estate opposite the luas station that will take in your goods and sell them on ebay for you..
Mrs Curly Posts: 499
Lucylu - thanks for that. Do you know the name of it or have contact details for it? Lal - it's not my wedding dress thankfully! One to wear to other weddings though, if I'd the confidence! I'm sure you'll still love whatever you loved about your wedding dress when you bought it.