Second Preganancy - no symptoms?

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excited 2006 Posts: 153
I'm eight weeks pregnant, have no symptoms and an starting to feel a bit anxious. I had a very easy first pregnancy but I knew every day that I was pregnant - metallic taste, tender tingly boobs, stretching pains, nausea etc. This time I don't feel anything. Maybe its becasue I'm too busy running after my 13 month old! Did you all feel different on your second pregnancy?
over the moon Posts: 676
I'm the opposite to you, on my first I had no symtoms at all, well except tiredness and on this pregnancy I've had tiredness, cramping, nausea, dry wretching,am constantly hungry and my belly is expanding rapidly. As they say every pregnancy is different so I'd try not to worry. HTH :wv
Rocky Posts: 465
Think its definitely that we are too busy with the 1st to notice the symptoms especially if you dont experience the nausea or vomiting. I never got this so the only symptom i felt was tiredness but we have that from the 1st babs anyway so i never knew which it was from :o0 rocky