Second time around- All day sickness- Loosing my mind!!!

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pinklady81 Posts: 91
Please help. I have a 15 month old little boy and am nearly 12 weeks on my second. I am so sick all day and it's getting me into the dept of depression. It was the same on my first and I was 5 months before anything improved. This time it is worse as I cannot be a Mammy to my little boy and it is breaking my heart. I work full time and go to bed as soon as my husband gets in the door. On the weekend I cannot leave my house as I am just too sick and tired. I have tried the usual Ginger drinks, biscuits, crackers eating regularly, drinking boiled water. I even bought braclets for sickness, but nothing works. I am at my wits end and just cannot cope. Can anyone suggest anything. I just feel like asking the doc to put me in a coma until I reach 5months. I want to be like everyone else and enjoy being pregnant not resent my baby for making me feel sick.
Martiespride Posts: 997
i feel your pain. i had it from 8 wks till about 20 wks! its a nightmare. hope it gets better soon :wv
steen Posts: 1335
I was the same until 26 weeks - sick as a dog - I did find drinking ginger ale to be a bit of a help. I hope it improves for you :xxx
Crostini Posts: 1105
know the feeling, though this is only my first. none of the ginger ale or biccies etc work for me either. if anything they make me worse. but what i have found is that i need to eat small amounts regularly, no big dinners. it is hard to get up each mornign knowing you're going to be so sick all day. but just remember how much you get from having your DS. it's all worth it (or at least thats what everyone is telling me *) ) perhaps go to your gp and just have a chat about it. you don't want to risk getting depressed or anything.