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Sparks:) Posts: 3
Hi all I used to be on this site all the time when I got married 3 years ago so I've come back again for all the great advice I know everyone gives here :wv I have a 14 month old boy who is just gorgeous so much so that I want to try for another! My question is is it easier second time around, I had a bad tough pregnancy last time round and while I'm longing for another baby the memories of last time are putting me off... so any second time moms is it easier and how long did you guys wait between babies :-8
[email protected] Posts: 492
Hiya! Welcome back! Well i'm 10 weeks into my pregnancy and really am amazed at how much better i'm feeling this pregnancy. Yeah i'm exchausted but i don't have any time to rest after work but nausea wise it has been much much easier. I don't think though that there is any reson why its easer but maybe i just don't have time to think about it!
jen2 Posts: 3106
Hi Sparks. Welcome back. I cant say pet if it gets easier. I am on my third pregnacy ( not incl m/c), and everyone was different. Must say first was my easiest, but people say that was because I was 20, and as fit as a fiddle .Just because you had a tough time, does not mean it would be as hard on you this time. Anywya, best of luck ttc, and i hope it all goes well for you. Sure we are all here to moan to, if its hard. Jen2
madmam Posts: 1294
Hiya ceegee, Hope you don't mind me asking, but is your baby nearly 10 months old, and you're 10 weeks pg? :eek