Secondary School Acceptance

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Cathy34 Posts: 1068
Just got the call - my oldest got accepted to the secondary school he wanted to go to :o)ll Am so happy for him :o)ll
downesy Posts: 254
Ah congrats Cathy, I know when my sister got that call for her son she was over the moon so I can imagine how you feel O-O O-O
Cathy34 Posts: 1068
thank you. Can't wait to see him this evening - Hubby will have told him by then :o)ll
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Great news :o)ll I was the same when StepD got accepted to an All Girls School..........i think her daddy was more excited..........
Cathy34 Posts: 1068
He was so happy yesterday evening when we told him :o0
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
Thats great news....alaways good to be accepted