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reine Posts: 1771
We're going to have unannounced inspections. What do you think? ... 00394.html
reine Posts: 1771
I think my nerves will be at me when they bring them in - wondering every day if one is going to arrive at the door :ooh Currently we don't have to do weekly plans etc like you do at primary school level. I do my own planning, of course, and keep my daily records etc, but I don't know if they'll want us to change this system. So much pressure on us already.
ontheway Posts: 432
TBH I think it might be a good thing, cos there are def some of my collegues that could do with the kick up the backside. We had WSE 4 yrs ago and while we got a generally great report I dont think what they saw in the classrooms was a true relfection of what goes on normally. In saying that I would prob s*it myself if the knock came at my door
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
As Sorrentowife said we've had these for the past couple of years in primary schools although I think they really only started implementing it last year. We had a WSE last year but I remember hearing about a lot of schools at the time who were getting incidental visits. Plus the dip for primary teachers was changed this year so that it included incidental visits rather than the traditional "dip day". I think once you've evidence of planning, and they can see that the students are reacting in a positive way and there's a positive learning environment, there shouldn't be any problems. Like a lot of things, I think the thought of it is actually worse than it actually happening!