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shersmay10 Posts: 319
hi girls just wondering if any of you have visited this shop? do they have nice stuff?, i have an appointment with kathy de stafford and was thinking since i was in nenagh i might pop in. thanks :wv
Number2inNov Posts: 447
I went in there a couple of months back when they had a sample sale on so I didn't need an appointment. The girls inside were lovely and picked out a few dresses that they thought would suit me. They looked gorgeous on. I had a look at their dresses that weren't on sale and saw some lovely ones. I wanted to try on one of them as well and it was no problem. Seeing as you'll be in the area anyway you've nothing to lose. It' a small enough shop but they've a nice selection. Happy dress shopping! :wv
sherwood Posts: 737
I couldn't recommend this shop highly enough. The girls are just fabulous there and will really go out of their way to help you. Definitely worth a visit.
MrsM2009 Posts: 254
I ordered mt dress through Secrets...cannot recommend them enough. They are so nice to deal with and the store is lovely and spacious. Def worth a visit. I went to De Staffords also, I found the store quite small and the sales assistant kept disappearing to answer the phone and was complaining that she was tired etc...not a great impression.
Hope Posts: 224
Oh make sure to visit Secrets. Got my dress there and ADORED it. It was very different to anything I saw anywhere else. As others have said the girls there are so good. I loved their space and didn't find it small at all. Happy shopping girlie! [url=] [img:17vf2e0w];10301;88/st/20090619/e/Our+Wedding/dt/5/k/778c/event.png[/img:17vf2e0w] [/url]
FarahBride1 Posts: 1
Hi Girls Was in Secrets a few weeks ago and phoned back today to make an appointment to go back and try on a dress I loved. Found out when I phoned that they are having a mid-term special next week and that I can get 15% off the price of the dress. Am trilled - am going to save about 200 euros. Can't recommend Secrets enough! Looks like I am going to be able to afford the Ginas I've had my eyes on!
Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
I also went to Secrets before my wedding and thought it was a great shop with great service. I didn't get my dress their in the end as they didn't have "the one" but I wished I could have as they were excellent to deal with. Went to De Staffords and only tried on about 3 dresses and didn't like any of them. Served by a young girl about 18. Went back with my sister last year for her wedding and the service was diabolical. They tried to get her into a dress she didn't want at all. I think your one thought she was a stylist instead of a wedding dress salesperson. Anyway Secrets is way better than De Staffords in my humble opinion. Best of luck with it all.