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MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Hi, after watching an episode of from here to maternity I noticed when they were sectioning a woman that both her hands were out on a gurney type thing in a star shape for all the world, why is this, I know you've got to be hooked up to a drip but why do your hands have to be way out from your body? thanks
elsiemay Posts: 60
Didnt see the episode, but Id a section on my last pregnancy and didnt have my hands like this. I could hold dhs hand & the other had a drip , that hand was just rested on my chest.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I had one hand/arm out for Bp monitoring. I think she might have been under general anaesthetic rather than a spinal block.
black pearl Posts: 3513
had spinal block too so didnt have hands like this but one thing on having a section if ur mails are painted it must be clear or they will ask you to remove it, reason being if anyhting goes wrong during it the first place to show are your nails they go a blueish colour right away, maybe this was the reason? I had my nails clear with little hearts on 2 fingers of each hand and the rotunda made me take it off :-(
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
thanks girls, I just thought it looked so odd for the poor mother they just held the baby up to her face and took it away and handed it to the husband, she looked so helpless not being able to put her hand around the child. will deffo remove all nail polish so blackpearl thanks! hope you're all doing well
black pearl Posts: 3513
all good mrs p thks halfway now, its flying in bit by bit thank god x how ru getting on when is due date? xxx
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
18 march not sure if I'm deffo section yet but kinda hoping. Did you get sorted with section?
black pearl Posts: 3513
no they told me seeing as there was over 2 years between dd and this baby they will go vbac, I was freaked at first but the more I thk on it the better I will be, cos recovery with a toddler would be tough and to bring her to cm would involve a bus journey everyday of about 20mins out and then another back iso 5 min drive!X wow not long left for you, exciting times x
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Fair play to you. Keep in touch x
moobear Posts: 1126
Mrspositive I had a section last week and I had my arms out in the star style. The reason for this with myself was I had two drips and they were also monitoring my bp. When baby was taken out he was shown to both of us and was taken away to ensure that everything was ok with him. While they were checking baby out I was being stitch up. I did get skin on skin for about 10 minutes in theatre before baby was dressed Baby was dressed by oh and he was sent with baby out of theatre for about 5 minutes while I was being moved to recovery. While the team do take what you would like on board their first priority is baby before your preferences. Overall I had a positive experience of a section. That night the midwife had me sit out of the bed for about 30 minutes and the next morning I was out walking about - very slowly and in pain but still moving. 8 days on and while I'm a little sore at times I feeling great. I have taken very few pain killers - this is only my experience and everybody's experience is different. Best of luck - any questions just ask