see yah in 2 weeks

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Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
as i'm off on holidays .. mind u might log on in the hotel to check up on you all , roll on 5 bells O-O O-O
Loopy Loo Posts: 1774
Lucky ducker Have a great time Regards, The green-eyed-monster!
sun flowers Posts: 3421
enjoy :wv
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
oh ya lucky thing Enjoy :wv
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Can I come pwitty pwease :o( Enjoy :wv
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
[quote:35mk86lv]Dolly Dora Posted: 18 May 2007 14:16 Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can I come pwitty pwease Enjoy [/quote:35mk86lv] well i would squeeze u into the suitcase but it would be bad for Babes ( xrays etc !!) :o0 :o0 my god the clock has now started going anti clockwise 5 can't come quick enough!
cloud Posts: 1662
Have a ball!!! :o)ll