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honeypot2010 Posts: 1500
I often wondered over the years what a self-centered person was like! Or someone who was into themselves. Imagine. Always thought conversation was always equal between friends, family and in-laws...... Realised slowly over the last few days that my fmil and ffil are the most self-centered people I know. Sad that I didn't realise before but after a two hour conversation last week, they didn't ask one question about me, h2b, ds, or wedding.... Then when I thought back to previous conversations I realised they have never bothered about our lives inc h2b, which is quite sad actually. All me me me and i i i !!! O:| Sorry just in ranting mood..... :o(
Princess09 Posts: 821
I hear you HoneyPot!! There's so many people out there who live only in their own little world! Nothing in your world could compare to what they have going on! I'd love to give such 'Self Centered' people a good shake and let them know there are so many worse things going on in the world, to help them put things into perspective!! O:| O:|