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Munchk Posts: 95
Wow that is a long wait!! I think i might go for one of those early scans in the next couple of weeks, want to see that little heart beat!! Some days i don't even feel like i'm pregnant just want to know it's all really happening and i'm not dreaming!!!
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
I don't think there's any hospital that bring you in before 12 weeks, unless you are with their EPU due to bleeding or something, or maybe if you are private. Lots of places don't actually give you a scan until 20 weeks or so.
Bellabobs Posts: 250
Oh great, at least there is a hope we will be seen before 15 weeks please god. Ive booked with babyscan for an 8 week scan just for some reassurance.
Munchk Posts: 95
I Just got a call this morn from my doctors surgery to say I forgot to sign the form doh! O:| Won't be able to get into sign it till Tuesday so fingers crossed that won't delay things to much!! Bellabobs we could be due similar times!! At the moment my edd is 9th April which makes me almost 7 weeks but I reckon that's out by a week as I have a 35 day cycle so really I'm only almost 6 weeks!! Gosh all these dates get so confusing! I'm also going to book with baby scan for in about 2 weeks time :)