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Tempranillo Posts: 36
I love the look of the selfie mirror instead of a photo booth! Have any of you been to a wedding with one or had one at your own? What did you think?
Caran75 Posts: 43
We have ordered one for our wedding in January. She will have a red carpet up to it. Think it mite be a bit of fun. The pic will have a message on it and is going to be our favour to the guests :-)
Tempranillo Posts: 36
Caran75 do you mind me asking which company ye are going with?
nibubbles Posts: 12
I attending a wedding recently with a Selfie Mirror and it was absolutely brilliant! The staff set it up to one side with lots and lots of props for people to hold. They were really pleasant and friendly helping and printing off the photos for people as soon as they were taken. Even the wheelchair bound granny was wheeled over, since it was just at the side of the room there was no restriction on space or trying to squeeze her and everyone else in to a tiny area. I really liked that it printed the name of the couple and there was a space to write our own message too before the photos were printed. I'm sure a copy of the photos were sent on to the couple too, but if you were considering it and could accommodate it in your budget I'd say definitely go for it!
Caran75 Posts: 43
[quote="Tempranillo":26uua2o6]Caran75 do you mind me asking which company ye are going with?[/quote:26uua2o6] Hi Tempranillo. We are going with Tamsyn Raven from selfie mirrors Ireland. She is based in Thurles, co. Tipp, but travel all over. She's on facebook too.