selfish for wanting a drink!!!!!

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bree Posts: 1880
say "Bree - cop on! " im here in front of the fire, watching 'the ringer' & soooo wanting a large glass of white ! i dont drink very often but am really missing the occasional glass at home!! its so annoying that DH can do what he wants ( im soo childish, ungrateful etc etc ..i know! i just cant help it.. :o( .. all i want is one glass !!!!! i told DH he owes me big time for giving his baby free accomodation & good food for 9 months !! damn men
mrscat Posts: 1082
I don't think one glass is going to do any harm, why don't you have a glass of spritzer?
McMummy Posts: 1041
I don't think one glass could do much harm. I know loads of women who drank one glass of wine a week and all turned out fine. I miss the odd drink too but I don't think I could stomach it, even the smell of drink off DH make me want to trow up TMI sorry.
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Your not selfish just normal :o0 I get like that every now and again and I say ah sure one won't do any harm but then I think as sure feck it whats the point in having it and I settle for a 7up
Baby bop Posts: 662
I dont think your selfish, its very hard to get use to not drinking, i dont think one glass will do any harm. sure didnt they use to tell people years ago to drink Guinness, thats why alot of babies years ago were born with blonde hair (joking) :o0
bree Posts: 1880
ah thanks girls.. settled for a cup of tea in the end, i think its more the assosiation than anything else.... id have a glass of wine in the bath/in front of the fire etc...& have now assosiated it with pure pleasure ( as everyone has im sure : ) as apposed to a social thing or that i agree with what most of u said... one glass wont harm, last time i had a a few glasses at our wedding & a xmas do & it was grand ( tho i was further on at the xmas one & could really feel it !! ) anyhow.. i think most people are in agreement with us , tho have to say have seen a few drink argurments get nasty here before :eek people say " u wouldnt put wine into a bottle for a new baby, which is the same" ...but neither would i give a newborn a big load of chilli ( which im partil too ) ... ah well..... its only a short while
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Don't worry about it, it's only for a few months. I'm sure as everyone says, one glass wouldn't do any harm, but I know personally if I did it, I'd worry for the next 7 months whether that one glass affected the baby in any way, so if you're like me, it's just not worth it :o0
mummy bear Posts: 3824
i tell ya bree your not selfish one bit.. im going to a christening tmw and i plan to have one or two glasses of vino for def, might get things moving with this babs!!
Trooper Posts: 2155
One glass won't do any harm. I had one west coast cooler last night. Woo hoo. Wasn't it in the papers last week that scientists say it won't harm the baby if an expectant mother gets [b:2ovu4jhn]drunk[/b:2ovu4jhn] once in a while! Even though the official line is to try and stay off the drink. I'm not saying that I'd get drunk or anything, and that 1 wcc is all i'll probably have for months, but still, i don't think there's any harm. Speaking from experience, my sister lives in derry about about 9 years ago we all went out at halloween (maiden city is big into halloween festivities). She got soooooo drunk. She then found out that she was pregnant about a week later. Her son is now 8 and is an absolute gem. Oh, and i agree about the chilli thing. You also wouldn't feed a new born baby crisps, chips, pizza, fizzy juice, bacon etc, yet right now, that's what my baby keeps telling me it wants!! :o0
oirish Posts: 1541
I had abot 3/4 glass of red wine last night (meal out to celebrate getting this far!) and I was falling asleep into my main course :o0 :o0 So much as i'm missing my wine I think i'l do without it for a while and stick to icy cold water to keep me alert :o0