Selling tickets / accepting payment by paypal?

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Secondtime Posts: 320
Hi, Have just put tickets for Mrs Browns Boys on donedeal. (Unwanted gift to my Dad - we thought he loved show but turns out it was my poor Mum who passed away in Feb that loved it!). Just got a text asking if tickets available (within 30 mins). Asked if available & then if I accept Paypal. I do have a Paypal account (but have always used for buying!). Any risks / schemes I need to be aware of? What is protocol? Payment clears to my a/c & then post tickets? Newbie to this!! Want to buy a Dad something else with the money Tks
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I think there has to be a certain amount of trust with buying things like this. As far as I'm aware, the buyer should pay before the seller sends items. Now, I have done it the other way around also and it's always worked out fine. I actually bought a sling from a girl once and I didn't realise my card was maxed, she waited ages for the payment, I was mortified! Don't forget with Paypal someone has to pay the charges, and you have to pay for postage for tickets (unless they will be collected) Sorry to read about your Mam. RIP.