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MrsAC Posts: 1190
Hi Ladies I'm due back in the Early preg Unit next monday in the Coombe and i have to fill out my forms then , Does anybody know if there is much difference between the Public and Semi Private in the Coombe ?? Thanks in advance
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Not really would be my understanding - ante-natal clinics for both are quite busy & if you get the correct accomodation after birth you're looking at 4 beds -v- 6 beds. I know when we were looking I was advised to go either public or private and opted for public - couldn't fault it!
Gaffey Productions Posts: 111
Have to agree with the Mum above... it is all the same really: you get seen by the same doctors, get the same food, same annoying nightnurses ;) I was thinking about SP too but then our GP actually made me aware that there is no difference really. Not in the Midlands anyway - so I went public then. Good luck and all the best :stork:
MrsAC Posts: 1190
Ah i was afraid sum1 would say dat about the clinics spent 2 days in the hosp last wk and kinda got a bit freaked out by the q's dwn ther. Doesnt really bother me about the ward situation just taught ther was a way of cheating the q's Thanks a mil