Semi private question, admitted to Coombe

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Loopy Lou Posts: 4
Hi girls, new to the site, recommended by a friend. Pregnant on my first at the moment and admitted to the Coombe today for bleeding and sharp pains. Baby is bouncing away in there so I'm not too worried, as it's prob a UTI. My question is I'm semi-private and didn't read the policy about being admitted antenatally, have any of you been admitted for issues during pregnancy and did you receive a bill or were you covered. Thanks a mil :wv Thank god I know about this site, it'll occupy me here for hours, I can feel a new addiction coming on :-8
Babymad1 Posts: 82
I'm with Quinn and I was admitted a number of times during my pregnancy. Each time I was covered as a doctor deemed it medically necessary. I filled in a form for each visit and the hospital sent it to Quinn themselves. Hope you're feeling better soon...and a hint...if you're offered a choice of meals and one of them is something and chips go for it! :wv
star13 Posts: 291
Hi, hope you're doing ok. I was semi private in the coombe on my last baby and with Vhi. I was admitted overnight twice before birth and they were both covered. What was strange was when I went in for induction I was admitted to public ward and when I asked why I was told I wasn't covered by vhi for that. Good luck.
Loopy Lou Posts: 4
Thanks a million girls, really appreciate the replies. Wasn't offered chips unfortunately, salad was about the size of it. It's sweltering in here at the mo, feels like a heatwave. I'm glad it's covered, was worrying here about a huge's going to be a long night :weep Baby is super active in there so once he's okay, im happy :o)ll
Marpat Posts: 1784
hey there - hope you're doing ok in there! I was admitted on Sunday night but pleaded and got out on Friday. Somehow I think I'll be back in there by the end of the week (high blood pressure). I didn't sign anything at all when I was leaving. I was put in a private room to get my blood pressure down but it was on a public ward (Monicas) so not sure if I had to sign anything or not. Just curious - is there wi-fi there? Are you using a phone to type these messages. I'm dying to know if I'll be able to post my news on here and on facebook!!!
FoundHome Posts: 1753
There's WiFi in the cafe but I used my phone for FB and Google. I even sent a few work emails from the Blackberry while I was in (Ds was 4 weeks early and I hadn't started ML :o0 ).
Loopy Lou Posts: 4
Hiya Marpat, I'm home now thank god, I was using my iPhone in there with my Internet access which was pretty hit and miss to be honest. But if you have a smartphone you'll Defo be able to post your News when the time comes, so exciting but soo terrifying :-8
Marpat Posts: 1784
Ah glad you're home! great about the internet. I just want to put a quick line up when the time comes. Exciting and terrifying is right. I'm bricking it!