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DeeDeeBug Posts: 18
Hi everyone, I'm getting married in July, on a Friday and we are disagreeing with our mammy's as to when we should send out the invitations. We have families overseas so we posted those invites to them on during the week so they can arrange flights etc, and we had intended to send out the remainder of the invitations over the next week. We thought since our wedding was on a week day that we should give people extra notice. What does everyone else think? When would you send them???
elsa2015 Posts: 140
I'd send them out early to give people plenty of notice about getting the day off. But keep in mind the earlier you send them out the less proactive people are about replying. They can get thrown it in a drawer as wedding is a way off! So you might have to chase up more up!
lorrimar Posts: 837
We are getting married on a Friday too in mid Sept and we are sending the invites out w/e 4th July with RSVP date 14th Aug. we wanted to give people plenty of time to arrange time off work and child minders.