Sending out invites to early

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melly1 Posts: 72
We arent getting married until 2017 but am looking about at invites. Would u think sending invites out 6 months early is to early? We kind of want to send them out with our xmas cards!
lydiared Posts: 127
I would think 6 months is a little too early to send them out. People tend to throw these things in a drawer and forget about them. Plus, and I don't mean to be rude at all - sending them out with your xmas cards might come across a little careless/lazy. I'd worry about that more than the early send out to be honest. But hey, it's your guests and family so if you think it'll be received better then go for it!
Sin16 Posts: 236
Definitely way too early! !! I would send 8- 6 weeks before max.
melly1 Posts: 72
Yeah i no what u mean! Prob just being lazy with xmas! The hotel we have booked books up nearly a yr in advance so that be really why was going to. They only hold 20 rooms and have already given them out to family
esla2016 Posts: 214
Save the dates could be good - the very organised will book, the others will forget regardless.
Tipp2016 Posts: 72
Hi it's you and your HTB' 's wedding day so send out the invitations whenever ye want to is my advice . If your inviting people that are special to ye then they won't forget about receiving invitation . We received a wedding invitation in December 2014 for August 2015. The rsvp date was February 2015. On the week and day of wedding they had only four that couldn't make it and that was due to illness. Where is the rule book that says invitations must be sent out 6-8 weeks in advance of wedding .my mum keeps telling me we are sending out ours too early but it's our day so sending them out four months in advance .Happy planning .
Mrsf2b2015 Posts: 14
I wouldn't send them out til 8 weeks, let your close friends and family the date so they'll keep it free. I sent mine out at 12 weeks, far too early, lots of people forgot to reply! And I found myself getting so annoyed wondering if people were/weren't coming, I could've saved myself by sending them out later and having a shorter window to reply. But people had other things on their minds than a wedding that was 12 weeks away, so in hindsight can't say I blame them!
Emabass Posts: 13
I say go for it! It's your wedding after all. I know it's the "norm" in Ireland to send out invites 6-8 weeks before but I think that's crazy! I think the more time the better. I plan on sending mine out 4-6 months before.
noanoa Posts: 89
Iv just sent mine out 3 months before.. Rsvp is next month also. Need to get accommodation sorted for people so the earlier the better for us!
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We got married May 1st, posted invites just before Valentine's Day and had a RSVP date of March 30th. Personally I think 6 weeks before is too late - my duty requests at work are currently being done for Feb 2016 - so I always need plenty of notice in order to guarantee the day off!