Sept 09 wedding anyone have their dresses yet??

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septbride2 Posts: 25
Hi girls when should i start looking for dress for sept09 wedding
Dee24 Posts: 608
Hi Septbride2 I have my wedding next Sep, and have my dress ordered since end Aug. But it was the 4th dress I'd tried on and I fell in love with it - so didnt see the point in hanging around. It wont arrive in the Shop until April though - so I've a long while to wait before putting it on me again.
missymoo09 Posts: 210
Heya Well Im a 28th Aug bride and still dont have my dress. Went on a ramble in a previous forum as went back to a shop yest to try on (and pay deposit) on the dress I absolulty adored and when I tried it on again, didnt get that Wow factor I previously got. I saw a dress on line last night and they dont have a sample of it in Ireland so they have to order it in for me, wont get until 7th/8th November so no dress shopping for me until them! Plenty of time, spoke to the woman who is ordering me in the sample and she told me that I still have plenty of time. Im leaving it until as late as I can as I dont want to come back in a few months time and see another dress I was prefer.
quartz Posts: 446
I haven't even started to look yet. Plenty of time.
secret bride Posts: 105
Hi Septbride2 I am only just starting my dress shopping in Nov. Didn't want to start to early but don't want to leave it too late either just incase it takes awhile to find "The One"
Teeny10 Posts: 566
Hi, I've been looking for the last few weeks and have tried on loads of dresses, but still haven't found "The One" - think I'll take a break for a week or two because I'm having dress overload - they all look the same now!! :o0 The search continues!
rocj Posts: 799
hi i have mine since may, had no intention of getting one but went in to look around and it was second one of many i tried on and i fell in love with it and got it.
Sweets08 Posts: 958
Havent been to any bridal shops yet, have picked out a couple dresses on line that I really like, was thinking of leaving it until November to start trying on! Really looking forward to it :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Hobnob09 Posts: 128
Im a Sep 09 wolly too. I started dress shopping at the end of Aug and spent about 4-5 weeks looking around. I ordered mine from RK Bridal about 2 weeks ago and should have it at the start of Jan 09 :o)ll
bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
Im getting married the end of August 09 and Ive my dress ordered since the start of Sept.The dress should be in Dublin in April or so - cant wait :o)ll