Sept 2009 Brides???

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ginabowes Posts: 25
Hi - any Sept 09 brides out there?? Have venue (Wineport Lodge), Church & Band booked. Planning to go on my hols and do the dress shopping over next few months! How are the rest of ya's getting on?? O-O
Teeny10 Posts: 566
Hi Ginabowes. There's lots of us Sep 09 brides on here - just type in Sep 09 in the search box at the top of the page and the other threads will come.
honest woman Posts: 322
Hi Ginabowes, Yeah, there is a BIIIGGGGG long thread for Sep 09 brides. Personally, I stay away from it as I found myself getting stressed by all that people had organised ages in advance for their weddings when I'm still slowly muddling through it. But it would probably be a good gauge for the kinds of things you can book at this stage, if you want. :wv
ginabowes Posts: 25
Thanks ladies, will have a look at that thread ......just going at my own pace really ... that's prob too slow but sure each to their own! The day will be amazing no matter what in my eyes!! O-O