Sept mammies - bumps - here's mine!

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madmam Posts: 1294
Just wondering how everyone is getting on? There is no mistaking I am pg now.....I will be 6 months tomorrow! Have to go buy more pj's.....they are all too tight now! I have been told I have a 'neat bump' - so I am right on track for the old wives tale, that boys bumps are in front and girls are all round! Also, have found myself in Dunnes, tempted to buy stuff for him, but so far have resisted (but they soooo cute!). What have ye bought? [img:3dwvvuqm][/img:3dwvvuqm]
deem Posts: 710
I'm a bit behind you, due date 30th September/1st October, GP & gyne cannot agree on date.. I've bought a carseat/pram & some clothes, only a few baby grows, got paint for nursery but nothing else yet, I know sisters have gone mad buying stuff but I'm still a little wary. As for the bump, deb look pg now, but I could have been bigger than you to start, pj's dont fit even thought I have one pair that I still wear, v comfy, but I know its time to put away as I can see the seams stretching.
charli Posts: 5994
[quote:315lwne7]I have been told I have a 'neat bump' - so I am right on track for the old wives tale, that boys bumps are in front and girls are all round! [/quote:315lwne7] just to say i have very neat on my first - no weight anywhere really except bump- everyone said i was having a biy, i felt it was a boy, had my name picked and hey presto!! had a little cute/petit little girl!!! just to dispel the myth :o0 best of luck - hope you are feeling healthy!
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Hey shorty just wanted to say you only have a little ickle cutie bump!!!!!!! Also the boys clothes in Dunnes are so cute at the moment, I am only resisting as I dont know what were having dont know how you are!!!! Take Care Lucy
madmam Posts: 1294
Oh, I agree Charli, that its only an old wives tale - I just don't seem to be dispelling the myth myself! I always thought my boobies would go massive too, but I've only gone up a back size so far! Hey Mrs Lucy - do you think its small? I am glad, I am terrifed of getting huge, as I am only 5ft tall! I think I may buy some stuff on fri - only stuff that he will defo fit into - oh, how exciting! :o)ll Does anyone else have any bump pics?
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
You have a neat bump - mine is bigger - tried to put up pic but wont work!!! O:| O:| LESS THAN 100 DAYS TO GO :o)ll :o)ll
oirish Posts: 1541
aww shorty! you have a lovely bump :) i'm so jealous :o0
madmam Posts: 1294
Thanks girls...only neat part of me! :-8 Mrs Maternal, I think you copy your link, then click Img (above), then paste your URL, then click Img again. I think thats what I did! Can anyone else explain it better than I just did....? Not good at this stuff.... *)
Lady Di Posts: 2487
God I think you're really neat Shorty. I'm bigger and way behind you. Although on my first pregnancy I was much smaller at almost six months than I am now - think it varies!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hi Shorty, my bump's probably like yours if not a bit smaller, I keep thinking I'm really small for 25 weeks but Dr says all's well, so that's the main thing. As for the weeks, you'll be 24 weeks, calendar months you won't be six months until 26/27 weeks I think if you read the what to expect... I guess it's cause calendar months are more than 4 weeks normally, otherwise we'd be pregnant for 10 months instead of nine. Am I actually making any sense here??? :-8 :-8