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Michelle Burque Posts: 1
Hello, I am having a small elopement type ceremony near the cliff's of Moher. I have a photographer. I am searching for someone to do my hair & Make up and someone to officiant to wedding ceremony. We will get marry in the states so it will not have to be a legal marriage in Ireland we just want a ceremony for ourselves in Ireland. If anyone is available please message me Thank You so much!
LouLauraMakeUp Posts: 32
I hope you don't mind me messaging you, but I saw your post about your wedding and thought I'd drop you a message. Firstly, congratulations on your engagement and your upcoming wedding, I'm genuinely thrilled for you, it's fantastic. My name is Louise Byrne and I am a freelance make up artist. You haven't mentioned in your post if you have booked your make up yet or if you are going down that road but I just thought I'd take the opportunity to message you, carpe diem and all that! I'm qualified in bridal, high fashion and editorial make up. My life is make up and I am forever honing my skillset and keeping the embers burning on my passion.I also work in Castle Durrow in the beauty rooms doing makeup applications for brides, bridal parties and wedding guests. This work is occasional so it allows me to also focus on my freelance work. I also work in conjunction with a renowned makeup artist for masterclasses. Anyway, enough of my life story! Have you booked your wedding make up yet? If not, would you consider having a make up trial with me? My prices are very reasonable and competitive and all quotes are inclusive of travel expenses. A trial with me would cost in the region of €30. If you are happy with this and wish to book Me the price is 35euro per person which includes travel to your home/venue the morning of your wedding. How many are in your wedding party and where will you be getting ready on the morning of your wedding? It would be my honour to work with you on the morning of your wedding. It would even be my honour to complete a trial on you with no obligation. Let me know what you think. I hope you aren't feeling too stressed and overwhelmed. I have no doubt that you will be so breathtakingly beautiful on your wedding day, regardless of how you decide to plan your wedding. If life has thought Me anything, it is to stop worrying about the opinions of others or what others might be thinking, once you are happy and feel justified in your own decisions then nothing else matters. Follow your heart. It lead you to your fiance, let it guide the rest of your planning and decision making, it seems to have served you well so far. Hope to hear from you soon, Kindest regards, Lou xxx
zenlife Posts: 12
congratulations Michelle and what a beautiful location you have chosen. i am a ceremoniast and i am available on the date you have chosen. please feel free to contact me for more information love and light anne
Matt Ryan Films Posts: 1
Hi Michelle, Likewise, congratulation and we done picking a great venue. I have recently interviewed Humanist Celebrant Joe Armstrong re Huamist ceremonys. It might be of help to you. You can view it on my web site. matt ryan Hope this helps Matt Ryan Wedding Films