September 2014 babies

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theden Posts: 1
Hi, very nervous to be setting up this topic but delighted to say that I got my BFP. Baby no. 3 for us. Due early September by my dates but will head to doctor on Friday for confirmation. Any other sept 14 expectant moms yet??? Feeling good just tired. Looking forward to seeing lots of activity on this forum. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
FutureMrsB2012 Posts: 33
Hi :wv congratulations on your fantastic new year's gift :compress just got my BFP yesterday. This is my first pregnancy so very excited and nervous at the same time. I did the HPT on the first day of my missed period so I am unsure whether to go to the doctor tomorrow or wait until next week, as I'm just 4 weeks today. By my calculations my baby will be due around the 10th of Sept :) MS has hit me though, even last week, which is why I did the test ASAP. I can not eat breakfast and only have a small lunch due to nausea and feeling like I will vomit. But for the last 3 nights after dinner I vomit, vomit, vomit! So am thinking I'll have to eat little dinners like soup for the next few days.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Hi Girls, I am over on the August 2014 Babies thread. I am due Baby No. 2 on 01/09/2014. My first little boy was born 8 days early so I am on the August thread but will be sticking my toe in here aswell. I got my bfp on Christmas Eve. Am on a lot of support medication (due to previous miscarriages) and in hospital for an early scan on Wed 15 Jan. Hope it's a happy & healthy stay here for all of us :o)ll
Candy Cane Posts: 10
I'm jumping on board too, due date should be Sept 6th all going well. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll This is baby #3 for us, hoping it sticks. Feeling ok at the moment, just very tired, that was my first clue that maybe we had been lucky again. I'm expecting the ms to start soon as I suffered terribly on my other pregnancies, so it will be a huge surprise if I get away with it this time, doubtful though, not looking forward to it at all. :o( Hope the next 7wks pass quickly!
Babyno2forme Posts: 17
Hi Ladies Can I join you?? Got my BFP on Christmas Eve and due on 02nd September :o)ll :o)ll This is Baby No 2 for us. Feeling really tired and Nausea has set in big time today. I got off fairly lightly last time, only had a bit of nausea and that came around the 8 week mark so thinking I won't be so lucky this time!
McLisa Posts: 1815
Hi ladies, I got my bfp just before xmas, think I'm due 1st sept, it's baby no.1 for us, bit of a surprise don't think it's quite sunk in yet. Feeling ok, just tired, waves of nausea now and again but my boobs are horribly sore! Have you told anyone get? I think we're gonna wait until after 12 week scan, I've told my very close best friend who just had a baby mainly for the support and advice as I'm totally new to all this but looking forward to telling all the family in the coming months. I have appointment with the doctor on Monday to confirm everything. Might seem more real then!
Candy Cane Posts: 10
Havent told anyone only DH so far, im hoping to keep it to ourselves for as long as possible as it just makes the pregnancy so long if people know really early on. I had to tell my family at about 8wks last time as i was so sick, so the same will probably happen this time knowing my luck. Feeling a little bit blah today, but im trying to make sure i eat and not let my stomach get empty as i think that makes the ms worse. Other than that im just wrecked tired, boobs are very tender and ive been suffering with heartburn. :hic But no major cramping, spotting, nothing, so all going well so far. :babydust:
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
Hi girls, got my bfp on Friday :o)ll :o)ll due date should be 16th Sept going by my calculations. It's early days yet so a little nervous this time round don't know why though. Congratulations to everyone.
Mumof3boys...... Posts: 77
Hi girlies....ill jump on board bfp on Friday,day before af was due....had one night were we were not careful and low and behold I'm pregnant with no 4:) had an idea I ovulatated around the time we dtd and the youngest is nearly 2 so be a nice age gap:):) due 11th of sept by my dates but will go for an early scan in the next few of luck to everyone:)
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Putting together the due date list. Everyone can amend as they get their due dates, etc. September 2014 Due List: Lizzie02 – EDD 01 Sep - #2 McLisa – EDD 01 Sep - #1 Babyno2forme – EDD 02 Sep - #2 theden - #3 Candy Cane – EDD 06 Sep - #3 FutureMrsB2012 – EDD 10 Sep - #1 Mumof3boys – EDD 11 Sep - #4 LeonardandPenny – EDD 16 Sep - #2