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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi all Well havent got around to packing bag yet - have bought more bits and bobs but still a few things to get which i hope to sort this weekend - if you are planing to try breastfeeding do you take a bottle into hospital with you? I am not sure how it works....have started to stress about the labour a bit and it is leading to even less sleep - each time i try to sleep i start thinking about the pain - didnt help that babs has started to hit a nerve or something when i am in bed and it brings tears to my eyes and a cold sweat outta me the pain of it :eek :eek :eek I think i got about 2-3hrs last night but it is not proper sleep at all - then i feel like a zombie for rest of day - wish i could take a sleeping tablet but of course not allowed! only 66 days to go eh!!!!roll on 5 o clock so i can go home and lie down.
Rocky Posts: 465
Hi girlies, i'm beginning to get more excited too. We've bought our buggy too and ive got a few things for the hospital but reading this i feel i better get a move on and get the rest of my stuff together. must start ticking stuff off my lists. was just thinking that sales are starting soon so we'll be able to get loads of stuff at good prices then. On the moans and groans, Deemyou and I are nearly due the same time. I also havent visited the hospital since 13 weeks but appointment is for next wed so like you, worried incase anything goes wrong when i get there. also have to do the glucose tolerance test on fri week too! Just wondering is it only me who is under a lot of pressure when walking. I was very fit person before i got pregnant, but due to stuff happening at home i havent had time to keep up the walking and im wondering is this affecting me now? Real pressure on my bladder the minute i start until i sit down again. i'm so not used to feeling immobile, its very weird! Rocky
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Rocky, I know what you mean about walking. I'm usually a very fast walker, and used to walk to and from the station to the office (30' each way) I take the bus now in the morning but still walk in the evening but at a much slower pace. Some days the pressure is more than others, depends where baby's lying I suppose. And going up hills just kills me, I feel like an old granny !
Rocky Posts: 465
thanks Tigletts, at least i'm not my own there :wv God i hope i get back to the day where i was playing 3 contact sports every week, if i can hold onto 1 of them i'll be happy :o0
soontohave3 Posts: 160
Hi girls, great to hear the updates and glad your all doing well. Rocky i'm the same as you have bought very little. Hubby was very good for a while and buying nappies etc each week at shopping and we got the pram in a easter sale in mamas and papas but in regards the hospital bags etc i've nothing organised or even bought and really need to kick start myself when it comes to that. Tigletts just saw you mentioned in an earlier post about the cot /bed. we too had planned on getting one of them but then someone asked if we were planning on more kids and if so you end up needing to buy a cot again at that point as the older child will be in the bed. Its just something i hadn't thought of and it might work out cheaper just to go for a cot and then a bed at a later date??? I know what your saying about the heartburn i get it really bad especially in the evenings. Walking has been fine for me but i definitely have the pressure on the bladder but i'm better off on the go as i get terrible rib and upper back pain as soon as i sit. You can't win.....
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Ms Positive..... seeing as I'm 42 I'm guessing that we'll probably only have the one child. However, I guess you never know :o0
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Hi girls - I'm due 1 Oct tho my GP currently thinks I will "go early" coz of my size! Will see what the consultant says tomorrow. You are seem very organized indeed! Rocky, I am finding walking really tough going - my cousin is a physio and is getting me a support belt to wear. I think you can get these in Mothercare too. I feel like a 90 year -old going up the stairs! Have bought v. little so far as we're not going to do up the nursery until babs is ready to move into it - will keep him/her in our room for a few months at least. Have ordered the buggy, car seat and crib and that's about it. Have a hospital bag about 50% ready as that's pretty easy to do. Just don't know what size PJs to get as I'm getting bigger by the week! Have stretchmarks all over my belly despite using bio oil from day one, so that's a load of cr*p!
madmam Posts: 1294
God, I can't believe how time is flying by! Just had my 28 week appointment with the hospital, everything bang on, was a bit disappointed that they didn't scan me though - I had told baba he was gonna be on TV, he was sooo excited! :o( I got a cot bed as well, but hoping (you never know) to have 2 babas in quick enough succession so may not have the chance to convert cot into bed, but its there in case No. 2 doesn't happen or it takes a while. I found Smyths great too, I got the pram, car seat, accessory pack (parasol, bag etc), cot bed and mattress for €730! Thought that was quite a good deal, will be telling people to get us vouchers for there! Thats all my news, need to pack a bag soon enough...need a kick up the a*rse I do! :o0
DublinGal Posts: 151
Hi Girls, glad to hear all are well. I'm the same with the leg cramps and heart burn, not too bad though. I haven't bought anything yet, i.e cot or pram. Have looked a few times, but got a bit of a fright when I saw how organised you all seem. Think I will have another look tonight! Don't have hospital bag packed, don't have bag actually. are you all just usuing a suitcase or what? big or small. I must print the list off the other post. Can't wait to finish up in work. I asked could I take 1 day a week parental leave when I get back, thought they'd have no problem with it, but of course, low and behold the mean feckers said No!!!!! I couldnt' believe it. They aren't paying me maternity leave either but I knew that already. Presumed they'd at least oblige me to the 1 day a wk parental leave! So i have had it with them!!!!!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
That's mean of them Dublingal. I'm not that organised yet to be honest. Only the pram ordered and I got some wee baby gros the other day, and have wipes and sudo cream (lots!) which I got in a closing down sale. Picking up nappies soon when I think of it. It's not easy to know how many clothes to buy. Will hopefully sort the cot bed out this weekend. I think it's a bit early to pack my case, will probably do that at 35 weeks. I'll have to look at the stickies too to see what else I need. I'm knackered today (and grumpy when tired!) had house guests for the past 4 days and of course end up going to bed later and not being able to relax as usual. The fact that DH was snoring beside me didn't help matters of course O:| They're gone now but we have another friend coming to stay in a few weeks time. Oh well.... just bad timing but we can't tell 'em to feck off either.