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DublinGal Posts: 151
Hey girls, I will certainly be posting more when i am at home! Shorty, It must be amazing that the baby is here already! One minute we are pregnant the next we are in hospital having the little mites! Well the closer it is getting the harder it is to imagine actually making the journey to the hosptial to have the baby. How fast it has gone since christmas, so sureal.
Moniebravo Posts: 22
All the other scans have been fine, she's just been a couple of days early. I'm probably worrying for no reason, I'l have my scan next week and she'l have grown loads-hopefully! Is everyone packed now? We're thinking of putting the car seat in the car in about 2 weeks, just in case anything happens whilst we're up north for Chloe's birthday-18 2-14yr olds running about, enough to send anyone into early labour! Hope everyone's ok and not too uncomfortable
soontohave3 Posts: 160
Hi girls, Shorty congratulations on the arrival of baby Eoin. Delighted to hear all went well in the end. MrsKP i Too am feeling like you. Just so uncomfortable these last few days with pelvic pain. Was off Friday and just stayed in bed as even walking to the toilet was sore. yesterday had bad shooting pain down one leg and ended up back in bed by 4 pm crying with the pain. Told my consultant about this about 2 weeks ago and all he said was wear bridget jones underwear to support the pelvis....Yeah right like you'd get those to go on around the bump. It seems to have eased today but feel i can't put up with this for another 3/5 weeks. On the positive side all my bags are packed labour one is in the car ready to go and the other one is in the spare room just waiting to add the toiletries etc that i'm still using. Roll on next Fri when a few of us seem to be finishing work. Then we'll definitely feel like we're on the home run girls!!!!!!!!!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Ms positive those hold-it-all-knickers are useless for pain, uncomfortable and not really suitable for use during pregnancy! I've been going to physiotherapy for the last month to deal with severe pelvic pain. Maybe a couple of sessions would you good? I got some exercises to do every day and a support belt (Serola belt). My consultant also told me you can get a belt called the "femme brace" (or similar!) and I *think* Mothercare might do these. The best relief I've gotten is from sitting on my birthing/gym ball for at least an hour a day and just walking in the swimming pool (can't swim with the pain) because both of these things take all the pressure off my pelvis. I also sleep with a pillow between my knees - initially this made me worse as I couldn't bear to move my knees apart but I find it helps now. I've gone from not being able to leave the house or walk down to the end of my road due to the pain to only having pain at night. Take care of yourself as you don't want this to develop into spd, which is what I was told I have. If you google "spd" you'll find loads of tips on how to deal with pelvic pain and the best ways to move around and do basic things like getting in and out of bed and the car. Hope this helps! :wv
soontohave3 Posts: 160
Sphynx, thanks a mill for all the advise. It seems to have eased again today. i bought an excercise ball this afternoon in argos so i'm currently sitting on that and your right it does give relief. might give the pool a go this week too. Had tried the pillow between my legs at night but found that hubbie used to plonk his legs on it too and over the night i'd end up taking the weight of his legs aswell so i got rid of that. Hope your keeping well yourself and thanks again Take care xx
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Morning all.... how's everyone doing? Hope Shorty's little man is doing okay. I'm finishing up work on Friday, though my replacement is already here, so not going to do much this week anyhow. Can't wait to finish now, not sleeping too well, have been waking up at 2am every night recently, maybe it's natures way of getting me ready for babys night feeds ! But apart from that I'm fine so no complaints. Bag's packed and ready to go, though I'm not sure if I'm ready :eek
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Thats right Tigletts, same here... I am already at home on maternity leave now, and it is really lovely, cos at the end it was a big struggle to get to work with bus/train with such a big bump...canĀ“t sleep well at night either, sometimes a nice bath helps...bag packed as well, but I am somehow avoiding to think about labour :o0
Rocky Posts: 465
To all September mammies, just a note from Rocky. Havent been on here since 26th July as am in Limerick Maternity. Been diagnosed with Placenta Previa so have been kept in, could be here till the end of the pregnancy. im having a scan each week and if the placenta moves away from the cervix by 3 cm i might be let home for awhile, though its doubtful. might have to have a C-Section at week 38. have only got a loan of usb modem for the evening so best of luck to all the september mammies, dont know when ill be able to log in again. Bes of luck to all :wv
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Rocky, poor you, i hope you get a chance to read this and that you might have the chance to go home again for a wee while before the birth. All the best for you and for the birth. We will be thinking of you *)
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Awww Rocky, I'm sorry to hear that, it must be tough, but as long as you and baby are okay you'll get through it. Hope you have lots of books etc to keep you entertained. Mind yourself and good luck, hopefully you'll get to log on again soon. :wv :thnk