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Tigletts Posts: 2904
[quote="Heavenleigh":9z1hp1yh]Tigletts....really hope your cold gets better soon...could you imagine going into labour with a cold :eek[/quote:9z1hp1yh] I know.... I wouldn't have the energy to push, there would be snot hanging out of my nose, I probably wouldn't be able to have gas & air, and they probably wouldn't give me the epi cause I have a cold :o0 Seriously... seems to be getting worse rather than better :o( But hopefully it's reached its peak now.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Tigletts get the hot orange juice and honey into you! Didn't know you might not get an epi due to a cold! :eek You would be raging wouldn't you?!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
[quote="Sphynx":13ngh1mc]Tigletts get the hot orange juice and honey into you! Didn't know you might not get an epi due to a cold! :eek You would be raging wouldn't you?![/quote:13ngh1mc] Nah Sphynx, that's only me thinking that :-8
Rocky Posts: 465
Hi girlies, Rocky here from limerick maternity. Still here on my 5th week in hospital now! Consultant says he will decide next week on what my outcome will be, presumably ill be having a c-section in 2 weeks. After reading your emails i feel very jealous that you are all getting to do your nesting. Our house was starting to be done up before i came in and now all is at a standstill. the house will be in a wreck when i get home, no mind having everything ready for babs and us! Ah well i dont mind once, the baby is healthy and i'm ok, will have time to get the house renovations completed after we come home. otherwise than that, feel fine and am starting to look forward to the end of my stay coming near and the beginning of time with the baby :o)ll well enjoy the last few weeks/days of quiet time :wv Since being in hospital ive seen so many happy families going home with their little babies, its so cute. have seen some sad things too that make you realise how lucky we are to be in the this position.. enjoy and best of luck, Rocky :thnk
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hey Rocky, I feel bad for complaining and moaning now, I spent one night in hospital and thought it was enough, but you for 5 weeks, it must be tough on you pet. But pg you'll be going home soon with your little bundle. Don't worry too much about the house, it'll get done. Most important thing now is that you and baby will be okay. :wv :thnk :xxx
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Rocky....glad to hear you´re okay...I woulnd´t worry about the house either...just concentrate on your lil bundle of joy now, that will arrive soon...The best of luck to you already :thnk Girls....just back from my appointment...Doc said my belly was quite low by now and baby was in right position and all...heartbeat is grand, too....she didn´t do a scan though cos she did one two weeks ago and she said nothing important would change anymore in the lat few weeks once everything was okay round 30 weeks so we didn´t get a scan.... Basically no news about when baby is going to make an appearance :o( I know I am bad about complaining the whole time, but my back is so sore and weight on belly is getting really heavy now, plus I am getting very nervous, so I would just love to have it all behind me asap and go home with my lil bundle IYKWIM.... Tigletts....hope you´re better...try lemon juice to boose up your energy level :thnk
DublinGal Posts: 151
Mrs. maternal, oh my god, congrats!!!! holy shit, i can't believe one of us has a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tigletts, you poor thing, have you stuck your head over a bowl of karvol yet!!! i don't know if i could cope with a bloody cold now!!!! load up on whatever you can and get rid of it. Rocky, 5 weeks in hospital, lord you much be sick of it. well don't be worrying about the house, hopefully the next 2 weeks will fly by........... only 4 days left......i hope. had appointment on mon and i've to go abck agin mon coming if nothing happens. had a curry last night, its was a bit hot. i meant to buy rasberry tea today, but i'll get it tomorrw. i wish i could go for a long walk but i keep needing to pee if i stand up for too long. the pressure is mad.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Thanks Dublingal, I think (hope) it's reached its peak and will get better! Got some lemons so will have hot lemon and honey. I'm going to try and get my hands on some raspberry tea too, might as well. I've an appt tomorrow at the hospital, so we'll see what they say, though tbh I don't think they have more of a clue than myself when this baby will decide to come :o0 We're almost there girls ! Went for a nice walk with DH this pm and hoping to go out for a few lunches too together this week and next, might as well !
soontohave3 Posts: 160
Well huge congratulations to you mrs maternal and glad to hear you and your little son are doing well. Rocky sorry to hear you are still in hospital but at least they are keeping a close eye on your precious baby which is the main thing. No change with me here. Feeling uncomfortable and like the rest of you just want the big event to come soon and to meet our little bundle. Doctor told me last week that the head was engaged but to be honest i haven't noticed a major drop in the bump or don't feel lighter or anything. Tiggletts hope your getting over your cold and start to enjoy your time off.
lucky bella Posts: 88
Rocky, glad you're feeling ok and your stay in hospital is nearing an end! I was at the consultant's yesterday and had a scan. The baby is still breech so looks like I'll be having a C section. Just worried, Ill go into labour my self before I have the Section. Finishing up work on Fri and cannot wait. Feeling my size now and not sleeping great so counting down these last few days so that I can get more rest during the days.