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madmam Posts: 1294
Hey Tigs, I have told DH no house guests from a month before the birth, as I can barely handle the fecking washing of sheets etc at the moment, and I am grumpier and grumpier with each night having less and less sleep. Who would want to stay with me anyway? :o0 We don't have many house guests, but if your DH is anything like mine (inviting people before consulting you), might be best to make it clear to him. For me, Making it clear to him = sitting him down, turning off telly, making him look at me and saying it LOUD AND CLEAR. Otherwise, its in one ear and out the other :o0
DublinGal Posts: 151
oh my god don't talk to me about house guests. i had a family member living with us for 6 months, it was time for her to leave so we could get organised before baby and have time to ourselves. within 3 weeks i had another guest who has just left today, has been here 3 weeks and during the week another guest arrive(all my family). We are actually cracking up. it is causing stess between me and hubby. after this week there will be no more i am actually going to put my foot down. or maybe i will feck the spare bed out!!!!! I just want to be left alone!!!!!!!! arrgghhh, ok rant over, i will have my house back to myself very very soon. :o)ll
madmam Posts: 1294
Dublingal, Sounds like you need to pull the pregnancy card out a bit more! Look after yourself
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Nah shorty these guests were planned for a while and coming from abroad so hard to say no. In fairness DH does all the cooking anyhow and has already said to guest coming next that he can only stay a limited time, I think he was sort of planning to be in Dublin 'for the summer :eek ' he can feck off! Plus he's a bit of a tight arse so we know he probably won't contribute much if anything to food etc. We're the same, hardly ever have people to stay, but as usual it's the wrong time when it does happen. och... I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow after a good nights sleep, it's just today if anyone even so much as looks at me crooked they're dead :o0 :wv
madmam Posts: 1294
Aww Tigs, this is for you :xxx :wv
madmam Posts: 1294
Tigs - I caught your insomnia yesterday - knackered today! Whats worse is, DH is so hungover he is still in bed (won't get much sympathy from me anyway!) I found a list of things to bring to hospital - does this sound good? For a Vaginal delivery Labour bag T Shirt/nightshirt (for labour) plus a change for after the birth Slippers Socks Water Facial Spray Lip Salve Flannels/sponge Arnica 200 Bendy Straws Dextrose Sweets Water Food: Biscuits, Muesli Bars Etc Magazines/Book Phone Card, plus list of phone numbers CD's and Player with speakers – check with your hospital first if this is allowed Camera Birth Plan and Antenatal Notes TENS Machine/ Bach Rescue Remedy/Birth Ball/Labour massage oils (if you are planning to use them) Face Fan Support Pillow Maternity ward bag Disposable Knickers (Take one pack in with you) or several pairs of old/dark knickers Maternity Pads (One pack) Breast Pads Nursing Bras – if you are planning to breastfeed Pyjamas or nightshirts X 2 Lightweight dressing gown Towels (take dark towels with you) Muslin Squares Toiletries Tissues Lansinoh Lanolin Cream – if you are planning to breastfeed Snacks/drinks For your baby Towels Nappies (Cloth or Disposable) Baby Wipes (if you are going to use them to start with, you may be encouraged to only use water and cotton wool at nappy changes) Cotton Wool Moisturiser Baby Wash & Shampoo 3 White Vests 3 Stretch Suits or Baby Nightgowns Going Home Going Home outfit for you – expect to need very loose clothes, probably maternity wear still. Going Home outfit for your baby Snowsuit and hat (if born in cold weather) or Sun Hat (if born in summer!) Blanket Car seat
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hi Shorty, poor you, I know how you must feel. I'm fine today, slept like a baby. My Dh gets no sympathy from me either when he's hungover .... heheh >:o) That sounds like a good list, though I probably wouldn't take that much. I forgot to look last night again. I don't think you're missing anything though. I'm going to try and go to Pennys tomorrow and get some cheapy knickers and a labour nightie or long tshirt. I also need to get some pjs or something for after the labour (I normally wear nothing :-8 ) Need to get my sanitary towels. I know they did say in my book, not to forget that you don't have to take everything with you, just what you need for the labour and first day, as your DH can bring in more stuff for you the following day. Hope you don't have a long day, and you get a lie in tomorrow morning. Our lie ins are going to run out soon !!!! xxxx
Sphynx Posts: 6795
That list is Brilliant shorty. Just to say the heavy duty STs you get in Mothercare say to allow 24 for the first two days :eek so am bringing two packs of 12! Also need to check whether your hospital allows you to eat or drink anything during labour (some don't). Am also going to bring a change of top and a deodorant for DH as he hates feeling hot and sticky. Never thought of a support pillow but it's true that hospital pillows suck! The mothercare list also suggets maybe an eye mask and ear plugs to help you sleep on the ward ! Was a disposable camera on the list? God it will be like the flight into Egypt with all this stuff!!! :o0
madmam Posts: 1294
Thanks Tigs and Sphynx, Might sneak home early and crawl into bed. Sometimes the sounds of people getting on with their lives outside the window sends me off with a smile on my face! Mmmmmmmmmm..................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
Hi ladies, hope you're all well! Just wanted to post my update - had my 32 wk scan yesterday. Really can't believe how time has just flown by :o)ll Scan yesterday showed that my babies' combined weights are almost 8 1/2 lbs now and I've still got 6 wks to go :eek (OB is hoping to get me to 38 wks). By then, I'll be carrying my bump around in wheelbarrow! You also need to add in the weight of 2 sacs and 2 placentas - all in all, a big load to be carrying around!! He also mentioned that there's still a chance they might be identical. My GP and OB visits are going to be a lot more frequent from here on, so I'm really on a week to week basis at this stage. Told work this morning to get my replacement in sooner rather than later. Getting really excited now and can't wait to meet our two babies :lvs :lvs How are you all???