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Sphynx Posts: 6795
Congratulations Rocky!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Great news after your long wait! Simone any news from you?
Moniebravo Posts: 22
Keep thinking today is the day, but then I wake up the next day and realise nothing is happening yet. :o( Got a scan tomorrow so will prob get a date for induction then. DH2B has to go into work early so I've got to take my DD (2yrs old) with me on my own. She gets restless quickly so not taken her on my own before, and at nearly 41wks gone, don't really want to either :o0 Had a curry today as thought things were starting to happen, but it's not made a difference so will have to wait a bit more. Just hoping she doesn't grow too much as my DD was 8lb 9oz and was 3 days early. Hows it all going for you Sphynx? And Tigletts?
Tigletts Posts: 2904
CONGRATULATIONS Rocky, so happy for you. I can't imagine how happy you are to be home after so long too :thnk :xxx Simone, hope you're okay? Yeah I'm still sort of trying to express but I know in my heart there's no milk there and I've sort of come to accept it tho I'm disappointed. And cyber and Heavenleigh must have their babs by now hopefully.
soontohave3 Posts: 160
Hi Girls, have been off line for a good while now as no internet as home. Just catching up on all the births...... congrats to one and all on the recent new arrivals. It is such an amazing experience. Well my little man made an appearance into the world on the 16th of Sept. Adam, 7lb 11 ozs . He is absolutely gorgous with a big head of black hair. Had to be induced as waters broke but didn't go into labour. once induced had pain for 7 hours but bareable enough. Just needed epidural for the last hour. Breast fed for the first week but he wasn't doing too well on it so changed to formula and he is doing mighty now. It is such a brilliant feeling meeting your baba and getting to know them. Good luck to all of you who are due in the next while. It is so worth everything you go through just to meet this little one at the end of it all. Enjoy!!!
cyberspi Posts: 103
hi all, well I'm barely getting a chance to log on these days! Sarah-Jane was born on the 22nd of sept in a bit of a rush :) I was having what I believed to be false labour pains at home from the thurs night, but they were coming and going the whole time. I had the tens machine on which helped! even got to sit in comfort and watch the ire v france match on the friday night! :) I was wrecked at that stage after 2 days with no sleep and still didn't believe I was in true labour so went for a bath to try and stop the contractions so I could get some sleep.. then things went a bit mad! :) got out of bath around 11:30 and pains were more intense, I thought it was just cause I'd had the tens off.. got something to eat and my sister convinced me to go to the Mat to get checked out. once we got into the car the pain was a lot more uncomfortable. in admissions they made me take the tens off again so I could be monitored. when they discovered I was already 5cm they sent me straight to the labour ward! :) I got up there about 1:30 and SJ was born by 3:45. I was too quick for an epi and refused petidine so got through on the gas and everything was great, but I couldn't have done it without the midwives, they were fantastic! I had group B strep in a urine test early in preg. and because the labour went so fast I didn't get the full 4 hrs of antibiotics so the poor babs had to go to neo natal for the first night. I walked back to my room but couldn't sleep a wink without her. I hated being in the mat so was let out a day early and things were a lot more relaxed at home. but the little wagon refuses to sleep! shes 3 weeks old now and is wide awake from 6 every evening until between 2 and 4 in the morn! and she doesn't sleep that much during the day either :( I'm totally wrecked. breastfeeding is going ok, but shes already had one upset tum and a series of explosive green nappies. thats settled at least but when shes awake in the evening time all she wants to do is feed so I feel like Ive got a baby attached to my boob for 8 hours every night! along with that she refuses to go into her cot, so we've got a baby in the middle of our bed every night surrounded by pillows so she won't roll and the hubbie and I are usually falling out the sides :eek I know i'm going to have a load of bad habits that I'm going to have to break but at the moment I'd do anything for an extra 20 min sleep! another bad habit she has already is she only falls asleep when she is in someones arms - god help your eardrums if you try and put he into her cot awake!!! all the same I wouldn't trade her for the world. I've already got one or two smiles from her and they make all the sleepless nights worth while. her dada has been a rock, I don't know how single moms do this.. I'd be in a serious depression if it wasn't for him I reckon. he cooks, cleans and does nearly all the nappies when he's not at work. it helps that she is a total dada's girl and always snuggles into him when he holds her :lvs anyhow, suppose i better go get dressed while she's finally taking a nap. hope all is well with all the other mums.. anyone experiancing colic yet? I think thats something I'm dreading the most and am saying novenas that we manage to avoid it!!! edited to include pic, let me know if you can see it. [url:1kxstgos][/url:1kxstgos]