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Sphynx Posts: 6795
Best of luck and enjoy the scan tomorrow Heavenleigh! I am officially an October mammy (October 1) but am telling everyone I'm due the end of September as I get fewer responses of "oh my god but you're so big already!". I am huge. Bellybutton popped out last night after dinner (!) but has gone in a bit again this morning. Can I ask how you know if the head is down? Can you feel it or did you see it on a scan? Had a scan at 28 weeks and the baby was still moving around a lot - think he/she is currently lying sideways. Think I will start getting a bit panicky (and excited! :o)ll ) once I hit the 30 week mark. Anyone else not doing up a nursery? We're going to have a crib in our room for the first 6 months (that's the plan anyway!) so not going to bother doing anything with the baby's room until after Christmas. I have a lot of pelvic pain at the moment and am having physio for that. Otherwise am great. Hope everyone else is well!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Morning all :wv Sphynx, the GP told me he head was down, I guess they're used to feeling the body parts, he asked me to feel the head too but I was afraid of hurting it :-8 We're not doing anything to baby's room either, for a few reasons. It feels a bit strange before babs arrives, we rent the house, it's also the only spare room we have, so if we have people staying they use that room. Babs will be in our room anyhow at the start, and then we'll see. Probably take spare bed apart and use it as baba's room and move babs to our room when we have someone staying, which won't be too often !
boobies Posts: 1625
Hello all! We are doing fine too. Have been getting funny feelings in my arms, chest and legs. Posted about it last week.... Its kind of like anxiety attacks but I dont feel anxious. Have been taking rescue remedy and mentioned it to my GP last week. They took blood, asked was I taking my iron and told me to drink loads of water. Was grand at weekend but have had a few funny feelings again this morning. I think its being in work!! Have bag packed, going to book ante natal classes today. I must be the only person in Ireland not giving out about the weather. Would die in the heat. Am getting up 2/3 times at night to pee, find it hard to get comfy some nights. Belly button has'nt popped yet, am plastering Palmers Stretch Mark cream on me. Baby's head is'nt down yet, have a foot under my rib cage but baby seems to be lying nearly across my tummy rather than straigtht down. Anyhow thats my update, glad to hear everyone is coping :wv
madmam Posts: 1294
Hi Sphynx, Yes, the doc had a good prod down there and told me his head was down. At least now I know its his little bottom sticking out my right side :lvs Was wondering what that particular lump was! DH out up the cot last night and when I saw it I burst into tears - what am I like?! :-8 I was wondering - is anyone getting a rocking chair for night feeds, etc? Theres a lovely one in Smyths which is soooooo comfortable.........
soontohave3 Posts: 160
Heavenleigh best of luck with tomorrows scan . We aren't going to do nursery either until babs arrives as busy doing other rooms at present. Don't think we will bother with the rocking chair as limited for space ( only have a box room.) but i would really love one as like you shorty i tried it out in smyths and its so comfy. Is Mrs maternal away? She is usually the one to keep the September mammies thread updated. hope all is ok with her?
Sphynx Posts: 6795
We're the same - so many DIY projects on the go we just wouldn't have time to do up a nursery too. Also feel v. cautious about that and sure anyway don't think the baby will notice for a little while! :o0 We ordered a Babylo glider chair and footstool from Kealy's. We hope to get many years out of it - will be nice to sit on when reading bedtime stories in a few years! Haven't heard a peep from Mrs. Maternal in a while. Hope she's ok?
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi all Sorry i have been a bit of a stranger but have been off work on my hols the last couple of weeks - went on hols down south for a week and was lovely although weather was crap! but was nice for a break away - unfortunately since coming back we have had a few problems at home - hubby got van stolen from house at weekend - we were in bed and doors were locked and they took money also so my head has been away with it - it is so upsetting knowing someone invades your space like that....also am fighting infections every week now - and not sleeping well socant believe i never heard anything that has really upset me to be honest and feel violated in a way and very vulnerable in my own home. How do you deal with that - am going to docs tomorrow about results of latest urine tests so will probb be put on more antibiotics!!! so not getting to enjoy the last trimester much at moment, only thing is hubby said vans can be replaced and as long as we are ok that is main thing and i know he is right but when you work so hard for your money and beverything you have it makes me sick to think these scumbags can come in and take it witout a thought to you. Enough of my still getting CONSTANT heartburn and not sleeping great but babs is active and has strong heartbeat every time doc checks so all good there. Glad you are all doing great!!! Cant beleive Jen2 had her little girl - great news for her....will catch up on all messages tomorrow as we have visitors just landed.
radish Posts: 268
Hi girls, am due on September 6th so in week 33 now. Can't believe it! Rapid bump growth over the last few weeks and biggest change is that now when something falls on the floor I just look at it and think "oh well, there it goes" as picking it up is now such a chore! Also take the lift from ground to first floor at work which I would have scorned others for doing in the past :-8 Only have to get up once to pee in the night so am doing relatively well compared to some of you. Bit of heartburn but nothing too severe. Hubby getting a real kick out of seeing and feeling the body bits in the bump!! He works in Dublin (I'm in Cork) so even after a week he sees a big change!
Rocky Posts: 465
Hi girlies, sorry taken me awhile to reply to the thread. All's well here in our camp too :) I'll be 30 wks on sat, wow cant believe it! Feeling great this week as last week had really bad pressure down below the bump but not an ache this week- yahoo! Getting our house renovated for the arrival and loads of work going on so am delighted as i thought we'd never get it started in time.So all's well :o)ll Hope everything is going good for ye too girlies! Next scan for us is on 31st july so will know which way baby is faced then and what size he/she is so looking forward to that! Rocky
soontohave3 Posts: 160
Welcome back Mrs Maternal, Glad you had a nice holiday away and sorry to hear about the break in. It must be a horrible feeling but as your hubbie said at least you both are fine and not hurt. This weather is really getting to me today just have no energy and can't motivate myself to do much at all. Roll on finishing work in a few weeks. Hope your all doing ok x