Sequin Table Runners

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Miss Havisham Posts: 17
Hi everyone. I'm getting married in a few weeks time. I wanted something a little bit more than the hotel were providing for my reception so I've purchased my own table linens. I have sequin table runners in rose gold for the guest tables and full sequin cloths for the top tables and cake tables. I'll also have lots of complementing items such as bunting. If anyone thinks they might be interested in any of these to rent or buy for your own big day drop me a comment here. It might be a week or two before I get back to you as I'm really busy at the moment as you can well imagine but I absolutely will. Happy planning ladies x
jena7 Posts: 15
Hi there! I have been looking at sourcing these and would be interested in renting/buying depending on cost? How many do you have? Are they long rectangular runners? When you get a chance could you let me know measurements and costs etc please. Thanks!
lisacor Posts: 3
Can you upload a picture of them ? :)
tásceitimíníorm Posts: 76
Hi I was thinking of these too.....they sound lovely!! I'd love to see a photo too & hear details about how many you have etc.
2016brideMar Posts: 20
Hi, I'd be interested in buying or renting the one for the cake table. My wedding is the end of March :)
Miss Havisham Posts: 17
Ladies I am so very sorry I haven't been back on here. My wedding venue closed down on me 2 weeks before my wedding and I had to rearrange absolutely every little single detail. Anyway it all worked out for us. I will absolutely upload photographs ill check back in later today with sone that I have from the ceremony, I'm still waiting on the pro pics.
jena7 Posts: 15
Oh no, that must have been so stressful! Glad it worked out for you. I am really interested in these so any details you can give will be great e.g. size and price to buy or hire. Wedding is 1st August. :)
Miss Havisham Posts: 17
So this was our cake table cloth was for a 4ft round table, designed to touch the floor. In the new venue we had a small rectangular table and the cloth worked really well on this it was very draped and just looked really elegant. Trying to find pics of the runners on the tables. Will post measurements also.
Miss Havisham Posts: 17
Rose Gold table runners
SparkleSpring16 Posts: 24
Hi I'd be interested in renting/buying the cake table cloth but my wedding is quite soon is the only thing, let me know price etc thanks!