Serious stabbing pain in side at 25 weeks???

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lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi all, I am 25 weeks pregnant and so far I have been lucky and had a fairly uneventful and good pregnancy. However, last night I was sitting on the couch and when I went to stand up I had a severe stabbing pain in my right side. It was the type that if I had actually had to stand up (like if I was about to give a presentation at work or something) I would not have been able to. I had to wait and then ease myself up. It came and went a bit but then it got more frequent. I was up and could walk around but if I tried to bend over it hurt too much. I went to bed and as I got into bed it got more severe and I could not move much - I was just on my side in one position crying. I could not easily move to lie down or change position. It went on for about 15 minutes like this and eventually went away. Now, of course I have not felt movement from my baby since then that I can remember so I am panicked. I thought I might have felt something this morning but I think it may have just been in a dream? My movement from the baby started late and it is only in the last few days that I have felt it a lot more. I'm not sure if I should be totally freaked or what this might be? I did have some sharp pains earlier in pregnancy (ligament stretching I was told) but they were not the same as this?? Can anyone help me? Has anyone had this before??? Thanks very much. :o(
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Hey Lolly, Couldnt read and not reply. I'm sure everything is fine. Our bodies have alot of steetching and pulling going on. TBH I never had pains that made me cry and for that reason only I would suggest you get checked out, just for youself. I'm sure your wee man will be fine. In the meantime try a coke or a lucozade to see if that gets some movement going to put your mind at rest. HTH :wv
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Hi Lollyflashpants, I have had this on a couple of occasions when I couldn't even get off the chair - mine was a bit like a stitch only much worse (thought my side was going to rip open!!). It did pass eventually but took over 45 minutes for it to go away completely.. When I asked my doc they just said it was down to ligament pain from all the stretching or could have been babs changing position and irritating the muscles... (think this is what happened in my case as babs became very quiet too and when I did feel movement it was in a totally different place to normal - I think this is when babs turned head down for me...) Take wifetobe's advice and drink some lucozade to see if you can get the movement to initially settle your mind... but if you are really worried I'd say go get checked out rather than stressing yourself out.. Hope this helps... :wv
BumpityBump Posts: 80
Lolly try not to worry chick As the girls said maybe get yourself a bottle of coke or lucozade to get babs going? Earlier on in my pregnancy i had a kidney infection and i had horrendous pain in my left hand side like your describing, do you think maybe this could be the start of it?
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Hi there hun, Hope you are feeling a bit better now, i think for peace of mind i'd get checked out anyway. Thinking of you and your wee man :xxx :xxx
i carried a watermelon Posts: 140
Hi Lolly, :wv I also got that sharp pain a couple of times in the last few weeks. It also happened when I was getting up from sitting down & I wasnt able to walk for a couple of minutes. The last time it happened was Friday gone & like you I was worried as babys movements were very very quiet over the weekend. Anyway by Monday evening the baby was kicking and moving as normal but the kicks/movement was on the other side of my stomach to where I was getting them before. Try not to worry (I know its hard) Id say the sharp pain is from baby changing position and the muscles being stretched very suddenly. (I also got his sharp pain when pregnant with DD)
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi girls, Thanks so much for the replies and advice - it makes me feel better to know others have had this. No one warned me these types of movement/ligament stretching could be so severe! It was the combination of that with no movement that really got me worried so I rang the Coombe and they said to come in. They were great and they did a scan and thankfully my baby seems fine - strong heartbeat and moving around. HOWEVER, interesting what you said Mayalldone as they said my baby's head is now down!! I was only at an appointment 2 days ago and the head was not down so now I am thinking that must have been pain from the baby moving head down and the lack of movement now is because he is no longer in the same position! I hope this is what is was? I am relieved all is well but I hope I don't get those pains again - really awful! Thanks again for your replies!!! :wv
theoracle Posts: 7664
i would def have your urine checked for infection, this sounds much more like a kidney infection, doubt very much it would be from baby turning you would not normally notice it at all, but i had a kidney infection also and it was just as you describe.
lollyfp Posts: 2441
[quote="hu101":3j49fbra]i would def have your urine checked for infection, this sounds much more like a kidney infection, doubt very much it would be from baby turning you would not normally notice it at all, but i had a kidney infection also and it was just as you describe.[/quote:3j49fbra] Hi there, They tested my urine today at the Coombe and did not say anything was wrong - would they have been able to tell? Also with a kidney infection would the pain happen and then just stop as it's not there now??? Thanks!
theoracle Posts: 7664
This happened to me on dd1 and it was weirdest kidney infection ever. I was abosultely fine one moment and then I got up from sitting on the couch and got this attrocious pain sort of high up and lenghtwise/vertically down my side. I was convinced that I must have pulled a ligament or muscle getting up. I decided to ignore it but it kept persisting and it was really sore. It woudl only subside and lessen when I was lying down a certain way, which again made me think that I pulled something. In the end when the pain persistent for a couple of hours I went to hospital. It also travelled up and down which the consultant thought was really weird. Anyway they gave me anti-biotics and I was better within 24hrs. Some types of bacteria produce nitrates and your urine would show positive for nitrates when dipping in the test sticks and poss also positive for white blood cells hence revealing the infection but some bacteria do not produce nitrates so they presence would only be detected by doing a bacterial culture test in a lab, for which the urine would have to be sent away for and results would take a couple of days - did they sent a sample of your urine away tb tested? I had a kidney infection before and this was just so different!