Serve the wine or put on table?

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MummyBride2014 Posts: 464
Given the choice would you put all the bottles on the table or wait for the hotel staff to serve? Which would you choice and why?
bee0606 Posts: 691
Serve the wine. At least you'll know it will be fairly distributed that way.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Serve it. I've known people to go lift bottles for their tables, possibly leaving short for other guests which in turn makes it look like you didn't get enough & isn't the case.
WeddingCreator Posts: 35
Personally, I'd get the staff to serve it!! Let your guests be wined and dined and not having to do it themselves! :-)
lizmc101 Posts: 48
We are planning to have the staff serve but also I want bottles left on the table for anyone that wants to top themselves up. We are providing our own wine so I want people to help themselves until its all gone.. :)
MummyBride2014 Posts: 464
Have you always left a wedding feeling that you got your 'half a bottle' of wine? Personally I never have. I have been to so many weddings and sat at a table where there has been max 3 wine drinkers at it and yet the wine wasn't flowing as such. For this reason I'm thinking of having it on the tables.
whereland Posts: 472
I generally leave weddings feeling like I've had 2 bottles of wine!! have never been at a wedding where the wine was scarce (thankfully) quite the opposite actually
Jenron Posts: 259
Personally I think it's best to have it served. I think when it's on the table, you're more likely to keep drinking and topping up your glass whereas when the wine is being served, you take your time drinking a little more. Plus as someone else has said, at least you know the wine is evenly distributed when it's served. We had the wine served at our wedding and there was plenty to go around. Any bottles that were left over or not fully drank during the meal were then put on the tables by the servers for people to enjoy during the evening reception if they wanted to.