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michers_eire Posts: 77
Hi all! I'm looking for recommendations for DVD people in the Drogheda area and also any info you might have about mobile hair dresser/ beauticians. Really appreciate any info Thanks a mil
honeypot Posts: 278
Hi ya, We're getting BB Video for our wedding. They're based in Drogheda. We didn't have a clue when we were deciding so I got a sample of one guy which I didn't think much off and then we met with BB video and saw some of their work, which I thought was a bit more professional so we went for them. PM me if you'd like the their details.
The PDQ Posts: 954
Hiya, We're getting BB also. He did my cousins wedding last year and it was very good. Did you get the Drogheda Independent this week? There is a wedding supplement in it that has loads of ads from wedding suppliers so you shuld see a good few local services there!
retro Posts: 159
Have you seen this website: [url:2eh413kr][/url:2eh413kr] Its for mums in Drogheda and surrounding areas. Someone there should be able to help.
tilly08 Posts: 74
Hi we are using Sarsfield Media Productions they are based in Drogheda and we were very happy with the sample dvd they gave us. The guys name is Graham pm me if you want his number.
happybridefor06 Posts: 305
i tried to get sarsfield for my wedding and they were booked out they done my next door neighbour a few weeks after mine adn they were brilliant and stayed for the whole night ...... i wont reccomend the one i got coz he was useless and im really discusted with him only got mine about 2 weeks ago and i was married last september and he only gave us one copy O:| O:| O:|
GoldStar Posts: 775
We're having Sarsfield Media too! Getting the hair done in Hodgins there on Stockwell St, the girls are lovely! Had the trial last week and it stayed in the whole day and night (had to roadtest it so we went on the beer! :o0 ) Am getting Lynn McKenna to do my make up, she's Mac trained and absolutely brilliant, had the trial at 1pm, was working nights so off I went, came home at 9 the next morning and it was still on! I got her number in the Drogheda Indo, she's mobile, she will travel to your house! HTH :wv
michers_eire Posts: 77
Thanks girls for all the tips- on my way out to by the good auld Drawda!!!! X
GoldStar Posts: 775
Sorry, its actually the Leader :-8 , but pm me if you want her number!
pupsalove Posts: 1490
We got Sarsfield Media too and they were great, never noticed them on the day either, and they were extremely reasonable.