Serving wedding cake instead of having a dessert?

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PartyLady Posts: 111
Hi, I was wondering if anyone is serving their wedding cake instead of having a dessert? If you are, what kind of financial saving are you making? I.e. what is your hotel taking off your meal bill as you are supplying the dessert. PL :wv
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
i would love to do this! but our hotel is still charging us the same price & we lose a course. im not a big fan of cutting the cake etc, so think it would be a lovely idea.
Kingston Design Posts: 895
We did this and we saved a bit but not loads iykwim! We had a 3 tier chocolate fudge cake and the hotel charged us for 'plating' it and serving it with a raspberry coulis and ice cream, I think we saved about €2-3 per person. TBH the main reason we did this was not to save money, but because we didn't want a traditional fruit cake and we also didn't want everyone to be that uncomfortable 'stuffed' after the meal so using the cake as a dessert killed two birds with one stone! However, this was all two years ago so with the way things are now, if you're going to do this, I'd definitely push your hotel to reduce the price significantly!
mrswifey Posts: 775
It seems like a good idea - save a few bob and you make sure everyone gets to taste the cake you probably spent ages picking out, instead of finding it walked into the carpet during the afters!! Might suss out what our hotel would be prepared to knock off the price if we did this...
tilsun Posts: 4506
Our hotel were not willing to do this. We served it with the evening food and ordered less evening food so felt we saved money there instead