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sunny505 Posts: 1807
Having a difficult time choosing a videographer. SES is 1100 for what we want and Moments is 1400. Anyone used either [b:2le8cj9e]and [/b:2le8cj9e] got their DVD back. I see loads of recommendations for people who have booked Moments - but really that's no good for us cos we need recommendations from people who are married and actually have their dvd or have seen their friends' dvds. Thanks wollies.
babychick Posts: 45
Hi sunny Was bridesmaid for a friend of mine last year and she used Moments. To say she is happy is an understatement, i've seen the dvd (and she gave each one of her bmaids a highlights dvd which is fab) and his work is amazing, such attention to detail and really different to any other dvd i've seen, i'd highly recommend them. They are a little bit pricier but you def get what you pay for with them. You'll see some examples on the website but imo it doesn't even come close to the real dvd. Dont know anything bout SES but Moments are fab.
zeusie Posts: 20
Used SES and was happy with the dvd pm if you have any questions :wv