Settling LO in evening

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Lolly Valance Posts: 175
Girls, Our DS is almost 6 weeks old and his current “routine” (I use the word loosely!) is 6 bottles in the day, usually 4/5 ozs each, averaging at 24/26ozs in 24 hours. He generally has gaps of 3.5 or 4 hours between feeds so his feeds are for example 8am , 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, midnight, 4am-5am and back to around 8am next day. These times can vary by up to an hour from day to day. He naps throughout the day and also has long awake periods. He often goes straight back to sleep though after the 8am feed and then has an afternoon nap and perhaps will nod off again about 6. I find it very hard to keep him awake in the late evening (between 5 and 7). However he then comes to life about 8pm and will not sleep before midnight! So I’m looking for help as we’d really like to get our evenings back ( or some bit of them) – how can I change his routine and introduce a bedtime about 8pm or so. Should I wake him during the day or what? And should I do the 8pm feed in a darkened room in his grobag? All tips welcome! Thanks, Lolly
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
Hi Lolly, DS was about 10 weeks old before we got his bedtime back to 7.30pm. We tried everything from about 6 weeks but eventually just gave in & tried to just keep him calm in the evenings & then over the 10th week he just started going down a bit earlier every evening. His 7.30pm bottle is still given in grobag in darkened room with no talking or eye contact & lots of ssssshhhhing! He generally falls asleep halfway through & just sucks away like a robot! HTH x
sunnyside Posts: 3164
10 weeks was also a turning point for us and we managed to settle DS a little earlier gradually over the next few weeks.
Lolly Valance Posts: 175
Thanks girls - fingers crossed our little lad adjusts at 10 weeks aswell!
the moms Posts: 1427
Doing a bedtime routine with bath at the same time every evening worked for us. And making sure that he was in bed within 2hours of his last nap so he didn't get overtired. How much is he napping in the day?? You might need to wake him in the day if he's napping too much...or, maybe he's overtired so can't settle, if he's awake from 8pm to midnight that's a looong time for a 10 week could try putting him down earlier? I love the way with babies it's usually one thing, or the complete opposite! :o0 :o0
Lolly Valance Posts: 175
Hi themoms, In the last two days I have noticed alright that he seems overtired in the evning but he fights sleep! He does nap a lot during the day sometimes, other days he has long awake periods. At 6 weeks though I find it hard to keep him awake if he wants to sleep. I can entertain him for a while but then he starts dozing. Any idea how much napping they should do during the day at 6 weeks old? I think we'll have to introduce a bedtime routine and go from there. THe two hour thing is interesting - I can see how that'll apply to our LO aswell. Lolly.
the moms Posts: 1427
Sorry, I don't know why I said 10 weeks! Must have picked up on one of the other girls posts. Mammy brain. :duh: I used the Gina Ford book for a guide on how much sleep they need, she reckons if they're up at 7 and going to bed at 7, an 'average' 6 week old would need 4-4.5 hours daytime naps in between, some babies more, some less. She splits it into an hour in the morning, 2.5 hours in early afternoon, and a shorter nap between 4 and 5pm. She also says the absolute maximum a baby that age can stay awake is 2 hours. I found at that age that my DS could only manage 1.5 hours a lot of the time though. Anyway, a lots of people hate Gind Ford!! But I've always found it a useful guide. HTH :wv
Lolly Valance Posts: 175
Thanks the moms
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Like the moms i use Gina Ford too. My DD was the exact same as your LO. She would sleep loads during the day particularly between 4-7pm and then was up crying and cranky until midnight. I started the GF routine at 5 weeks and it took a couple of weeks to get her into the routine. Next time i would try and keep her awake more in the late afternoon and get a bedtime of 7-8pm. Definitely have him down in bed within two hours of last nap in the evening. The bedtime routine is great too, bath then bottle in dark room no tallking no eye contact to let him wind down and understand its nighttime. After 3 weeks of this she was settling much better in the evening, still taking about an hour some nights and was sleeping a 7-8 hour stretch after the 10.30pm feed. HTH. Also wanted to second the 4-4.5 hours sleep in a 12 hours stretch during the day, my DD always needed a lot of sleep, even now at 1 she still sleeps a good 2-2.5 hours during the day and 12 at night.