severe diarreha

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bree Posts: 1880
picked up a bug on sat night & had vomiting & diarreha sun , the vomitting has stopped but diarreha is still sooo persistant. i cant drink water without it running tru me ( say me with a sore ass :o( ) went to GP who said to drink lots as urine showed dehydrated but the thoughts of the tummy cramps & sitting on the loo all night is too much to bare plus i keep getting serious hunger pangs that are driving me mad! Dr suggested satifying them but ffs id never be off to loo ( & iv piles too as have suffered from constipation up til now) help ----- tips pls
susie05 Posts: 204
oh god love you,thats awful,be so careful & dont get really dehydrated,keep an eye on you urine,if it gets dark & smelly bring a sample to the doc and get it checked for keytones(dehydration) What you could try is get the Dirorolite sachets in the chemist,you put one into 7oz of water & it will stop you getting dehydrated To stop it my mam & me now with ds Boiled coca cola(full fat) and then let it cool,it really does dry it up.
Gingham Posts: 3014
hey, i feel your pain....have been suffering with diarhoea myself. best thing for a bug is to starve it...its the only way to get rid of it....try and eat as little as possible, anything you do eat make sure its plain like toast, crackers... drink loads of fluids.....i put a pinch of salt in a glass of water to keep minerals up....or an isotonic drink such a lucozade without the fizz.... hope it gets better soon