sex and bleeding

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mammybean Posts: 10364
have many of you had a bleed after sex? we had kind of late nigt sex (SORRY TMI) but this moring when i went to the toilet the tisse was discoloured. it was brownish pink so i would say had been there for the night. well of course i paniced at first and was bawling but h2b calmed me down. then i remembered a cople of people saying it was common after sex. so there hasnt bee sign of any more and i am not worried now cos of that. but did many of you experience this?
charli Posts: 5994
i did on first pg the odd time-never a bleed really, just more coloured discharge think its just to do with your cervix being more sensitive - not the right word there but i cant think my friend had it from 6 months and just stopped having sex even though consultant assured her it was fine to continue! :o0 but she was too worried
Spice Bride Posts: 558
Don't worry Beanies, I had this and it was nothing to worry about. Went to the hospital cos I was scared but they scanned me and everything was fine. It was more embarassing than anything else - lady who scanned me rang my consultant and the consultant asked her a question and her reply was 'Yes, intercourse at the weekend'. Morto.
Babybaby Posts: 140
Hi Beanie I just want to say i'm sure its nothing to worry about. I just checked the net for you and its quite common after sex to have some spotting. :xxx
Sassy Posts: 2269
So does that mean that you don't need to get it checked out. Just want to know incase it happens to me. I would have myself up the wall.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Beanies that can happen alright, don't worry. DH is so afraid of that happening it's hard to get him to go near me at all! :o0 Just keep an eye on it but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.
Babybaby Posts: 140
[quote="Sassy":k662quuh]So does that mean that you don't need to get it checked out. Just want to know incase it happens to me. I would have myself up the wall.[/quote:k662quuh] Me personally if it happened to me i'd go get it checked
charli Posts: 5994
i think according to my friend who rang her consultant at the time (she had a tiny bleed, mine was just discharge iykwim) - its ok once its not an actual full bleed. edited to say: i think you'll know by what you see, if its blood and looks alarming, get it checked might be easier for me to say as i am on 2nd pg - but anything like discharge/spotting is ok
Rocky Posts: 465
This has happened to me a good few times since getting pregnant. i had bright red blood too but since it didnt happen at any other time, i know it was probably because we are extra sensitive down below so im sure its only wear and tear :o0
lal Posts: 403
Happened me a while back too beanie. DTD one morning and that evening, just before I left work, I went to the loo and out plopped a big drop of bright red blood. I nearly died. There was no more blood then so I went home to bed and went in for a scan the next morning. All was fine, the baby looked like he/she was doing the highland fling in there. The sonographer said that there was a little bruise or mark on the placenta that was probably the cause. I had another scan for the 12 weeks a week later and all was fine. It is very worrying but mine was fine and Im sure yours will be aswell. Im terrified of sex ever since though!! Bad news for DH Try not to worry mrs. x lal