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Finicky Fi Posts: 2134
I've just finished reading 'The Slap'. It's achieved a lot of critical acclaim and is described as 'a modern masterpiece'. I was shocked with the way it deals with sex and drug taking by the average adult. Am I completely naive or is everyone out there - parents and teenagers alike - taking drugs recreationally and having affairs?!
Kaycee Posts: 2107
don't know the book but most people I know take or have taken (recreational) drugs (from all walks of life and not just in ireland). not sure about the affairs though... I was actually surprised at the reactions in the last long drugs thread a few months ago. but hey everyones lives are different O:o)
Littlebo Posts: 2598
Have to agree! Most people I know have at some stage taken drugs recreationally. Don't know about any of them having affairs and hopefully this won't happen, but I suppose you never know. only t
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
I think I led a sheltered life, I've never tried any illegal drugs ever (I didn't say drugs in general because I take medication and I suppose they're drugs too) I just never had a desire to try them because I didn't want my brain to go like a sponge (saw that on documentary once and my brain is one of my better assets) and with the "party" drugs, theres no guarantee you'll be ok after taking them, noone knows how their body will react, so it's a chance I wouldn't be able to take. Affairs... Hmm does doing the dirt on a lad your shifting (not even going out with) when you were younger count?!
Kaycee Posts: 2107
One of the biggest hypocrisys in this world is that two of the worst drugs you can do are legal, alcohol and tobacco
blacksheep Posts: 141
I think it varies from person to person & group to group really. I have been friends with people who take drugs & people who have never tried them. I have tried them (once or twice) but would never say oh everyone takes them it really is a personnal choice. My husband has never taken anything other then some hash & none of his friends have either. I think a lot of people experiment in their teens/twenties but to be honest I find people who are older & still taking drugs a bit pathetic. I see people out in the pub on a friday/saturday night who are married with kids & you know they are taking drugs, very silly. As for affairs being the norm if all my friends were at it I would be inclined to give them a wide birth it just wouldn't be my thing but affairs do seem to be becoming a bit more socially acceptable.
AliceCullen Posts: 1408
I've never taken any illegal drugs, never seen the point and when I was 12 I learned about the damage they can do to alot of peoples lives. Also agree with blacksheep, I think that adults with kids & responsiblities are stupid for putting their lives at risk. As for the affairs, I tend to live in a little oblivious bubble but hubby started a new job recently and says that loads of people are having affairs there. It's a big factory and it's common knowledge in there who's with who, one guys son even works there and the dad is off with some other woman in the factory!! Also an aquaintance of hubby's is in his early 30's and only married a few years, he's been known to have a few girls going on the side, most recently he has keys to an office in town and himself and a friend got together with 2 girls in a nightclub recently and brought them both back to the office for a quickie!! Then back home to the wife after??We often wonder why these people bothered getting married in the first place. Hubby tells me it's alot more common that most people think. We live in Limerick and it's a small enough city so I don't know how these people keep things quiet.
Jawl Posts: 8881
I used to be very naive and think that affairs were very few and far between. Then I met this guy who I went out with for a year and everybody in his circle were doing the dirt on their partners. I was shock horror :ooh But what an eye opener. I don't know if my ex ever did the dirt on me or not but I suspect that he did. And he had every intention of trying anyway. What shocked me the most was how they didn't feel any remorse when caught, or think they were doing anything wrong.
Finicky Fi Posts: 2134
I think I must have lead a very sheltered life too! I don't feel like I've missed out on anything though.
Tragen Posts: 370
[quote="mafiros81":uc9gw32x]I think I must have lead a very sheltered life too! I don't feel like I've missed out on anything though.[/quote:uc9gw32x] +1 It would be very sad if it does become the norm