Sex in the first trimester

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Mayeston Posts: 315
Hey girls, just found out last week that I'm pregnant so naturally im very nervous at such an early stage that anything will go wrong. I know i can't really control this but its missing with my head a little when it comes to having sex. I'm enjoying it when i'm on top but i'm finding hubbie too big if he's on top. Could i be swollen down there? Or is it because i'm a little tense? I've found that afterwards i have a little ache in my lower stomach so this is really off-putting. Could it be a kidney infection? is that a possibility? I want to enjoy the next 9 months as much as possible and not be afraid that sex is going to hurt the baby. :-8 Is it a mind over matter thing? Should i use lube? Are we dryer down there during pregnancy? Any advice would be appreciated.
gingerbread1 Posts: 79
Honestly I think it is mind over matter. Its natural to be very neverous plus your womb is still streching making room for your LO. It will feel different DTD when pregnant, I always got on top and I think that helps. Take is at your paste and very gentle to.
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
since we found out we have only dtd once and i had slight spotting after it and since we had mc last november we thought it best to not dtd till after the 12 weeks its been bloody hard though >:o) >:o) so looking forward to seeing the babs on the screen and knowing he/she is ok and then god love hubby haha :o0
Duffers Posts: 1841
Hey! No idea really, we abstained til after the 12 weeks as Id a previous m/c, (not related to DTD and being pregnant, dont worry). But since the 12 week mark its been great, just cant compare to before the 12 weeks. If you're worried though, give your GP or hospital a shout. Oh and congrats! :o)ll
hope80 Posts: 96
I dont think theres any realy harm in it, it's prob only natural for it to feel different though because you'll be more aware of what your doing. We havent dtd since our bfp but its only cos im on the crinone gel & it's disgusting, like cottage cheese inside me (sorry tmi :-8 ) . Poor h2b cant wait for the next 4 weeks to pass when hopefully i can stop it :compress
ZZZ79 Posts: 437
Dont worry about DTD its perfectly safe as long as your feeling well just do what you feel comfortable. also i got painfull cramps just after DTD for the first few weeks of pregnancy but doc told me not to worry that it was perfectly normal and its just muscle spasms and no harm at all to either babs or me and i think that just happened about twice in the very beginning..... i have been told not to DTD for a couple of weeks as i have a low lying placenta and i had a bleed at 21 weeks but doc said i should be back in action in a couple of weeks once my placenta moves up a little..... dont worry just carry on as normal the midwife told me on my first visit to the hospital that i should carry on my life as close to normal as possible pregnancy isnt a sickness any your body is more than capable of coping with it so enjoy it its a special time in your life.
Daff Posts: 11644
do what you feel comfortable with. I said no way fro first 12 weeks cause of previous MC, not htat they're related but meant one less 'what if'. Then I got flu, then vomitting bug and then appendix out. Have been told it'll take 4-6 weeks recovery before I do anything like that - I'm 3 weeks into that time period. Up til recently it's been the last thing on my mind and didn't want it but in last two weeks it's all I can think about. I'm even dreaming about it :-8 :o0 BUt DH is the one now that doesn't seem so sure - probably afraid my stomch would will open up and baby jump out at him :o0
rosiemama Posts: 3363
we dtd the whole time with DS1 and never a problem but i think that is cos i was so relaxed about it. with DS2 we had a scare early on and i spotted throughout the pregnancy and i think we dtd maybe 3 times in total, and each time we did i was so tense i didn't enjoy it, so we decided not to for the rest of the pregnancy. i think DH felt about uncomfortable about it too anyway. although we did do other stuff instead. :-8 dtd while pregnant won't hurt the baby, they're well protected in there, but if you're worried or uncomfortable about it don't feel that you have to in the first trimester (or at all).
lolabelle Posts: 3311
Hiya just to let you know that last night DH and I dtd for the first time after our BFP. We needed some lube but other than that there were no problems. If you are comfortable trying it won't do any harm :wv