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motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Girls I know there has been lots of posts on this already but I am posting this again just to see if there are any women this early in pregnancy that have no interest in sex because of fear?! I'm afraid I might MC or I'll start spotting or something, crazy I know! Myself and DH have had sex twice since I found out I was pregnant and it is purely my fault because he has tried and tried, bless him, and he's so good about being turned down but I feel so bad cos we've gone from a feast when TTCing to a famine and its not fair, on either of us O:| O:| My head wants to but when it comes down to it I just can't?! Am I on my own?
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Hi Toni i kinda know where your coming from, except im not worried about MC or spotting. I just dont want to have sex. Im shattered we have a 3yr old and an 18mth old. And i would like to go to sleep when i get into bed. DH is very understanding. But i know i cant go on like this forever.. even if id like too. :o0 Try not to worry with my 1st child we had sex everyday at the beginning it was a bit weird. Because you do think of the baby inside and your worried about hurting it etc.. but theres no chance of that. Try to relax its perfectly normal to worry. :thnk
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Thanks a million Mummy06.. I will have to relax and cop on to myself, I just get so protective and that includes from sex.. how silly do I sound :-8 Atleast your DH knows that its not your sex drive your just tired.. Think thats to be expected when you ave so much on. Thanks again.
short n sweet Posts: 1802
Toni I am the same :-8 and I know its irrational but you can't help it - I was worried about it too the first 2 times we DTD after getting BFP but have decided that DH will have enough to cope with this tiredness that has suddenly hit me without being "deprived" too :o0 so might plan an early night tonight and try to relax and enjoy it!!!
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Thanks a million short n sweet, its so nice to know I'm not on my own! I am going to have to do the same and just relax :-8 Thanks alot.