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Mrslovealot Posts: 656
Girls please tell me some of you have experienced this... I don't know if it's me or DH but we have only DTD once since I found out I was pg. I'm over 11 weeks now! I have to chat to DH about it but just wondering if it's normal? To be honest I would like to do it, but in the evenings I'm in bed by 9.30 I'm so exhausted and DH comes to bed later so I'm just finding that night after night is passing without any how's your father, and I'm feeling abit strange about it.
mtv Posts: 935
I was the same and there was no improvement in the 2nd tri either.
izzie1977 Posts: 460
Mrs lovealot, I am with you on this one, its been that way the whole way through, I think I could count on one hand how many times we have DTD since I found out, I do try and do other things to help him out as I know it cant be easy for him. But I have suffered very bad from SPD since 20 week mark and it just so sore poor DH, he has been so patient :lvs :lvs
curliwurli Posts: 3369
we were actually at it more than usual for the first while until I had a bleed at 8 weeks and got totally freaked out and went off it. things picked up again until I got to about 16 weeks and now I have totally lost interest :o( fell kinda bad for DH but he has kindly informed me that he "sorts himself out" and won't be pestering me - part of me is sad about this but part of me is also relieved, for me it's hard to get in the mood when I can feel babs wriggling away inside me :o0
Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
your not alone! please dont worry. We havent done is much either, its hard when you have a belly in the way or your feeling sick etc. When your feeling good, do it and enjoy it, but dont worry if your not! I've found Sunday mornings to be the best time, I wake up refreshed and there's no rush, we can take our time and get around the belly! :-8
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Oh i was so happy with the title thinking others are going through the same thing but you're not :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( At the beginging I didn't want it as I was really sick and had hyperemesis. We only did it a few times when I was feeling good. Now though I am feeling great and so want too :-8 :-8 However I now have the smallest bump (it's barely visable) and it has completely thrown DH. He is totally freaked out by the idea of DTD now. I've tried talking to him and telling him it's perfectly fine and that there is no way he can hit the baby etc but he's still freaked. Girls I don't know what to do O:| O:| O:|
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
im like you in bed by 9.30 every night and i am snoring by the time DH comes up :zzzz: i find mornings and weekends are a good time to catch up!! >:o) or even having a cuddle is nice. :lvs
apple drop Posts: 331
Hi Mrslovealot, We are exactly the same, have only DTD twice since we got our BFP :-8 Mainly because I have has ms so bad morning, noon and night >:o( Im also going to bed early too as im wrecked by 9-10 so am usually in bed before DH. Hoping that ill be over the ms soon and might start to feel a bit human again and get in the mood :xox
LoveLife123 Posts: 2138
We're ok at the moment still going for it about twice a week which is great but I do think that once the belly starts to grow my DH will start getting a bit more weird about it aswell and possibly go off it altogether at some stage! I think it is definitely the fear of that they will hit the baby or the baby can "see" their willy or something :o0 :o0 :o0 I have that What to Expect When you are Expecting book and they have a chapter for dads to be in it and it deals with all the sex stuff so if the above happens I'm gonna give it to DH to read - failing that at one of my consultants meetings I will ask if its ok to still DTD and pretend its me thats concerned about hurting the baby etc (DH will obviously be sitting sheepishly next to me probably boring a hole in the side of my head) and let her explain that unless his willy is like 15 inches long and CURVED that the baby is well & truely safe :o0 Hopefully it won't come to that though!!! Maybe our new male member Dad 2b would have some advice to help us ladies out on handling this situation?
Ice 2 Posts: 224
Girls, Can I recommend a book for our other halfs. It is called 'a blokes guide to pregnancy', written by Jon Smith. I bought it in Mothercare for my DH and I was actually surprised that he was enthuastic about me getting it for him. It is from their perspective but explains all aspects, from money, to their roles, why we can be so ratty and moody at times etc. There is also a chapter on dtd and what to expect. I read some sections and laughed at certain bits, but was surprised too how our other halfs can worry too, and sometimes about the same things that we do, including lovemaking. It might be worth a read