SF vaccine - might not be protected now!

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Daff Posts: 11644
After much deliberation myself and Dh decided I’d get the SF vaccine. Really hard decision, and found it very difficult. I got it two Saturday’s ago, and at the time the GP said they still weren’t sure if I needed another dose and to stay in touch. I rang this morning to say my two weeks are up this Saturday and do I need another shot – which again is sending me into turmoil about putting more of it in my body. The nurse said that they still haven’t been told and that they’ll contact me if it’s needed, but that there must be at least three weeks between shots. Now this goes against what’s currently on the HSE website that says a second dose is needed after two weeks. So now I’m worried that after everything I still won’t be immune to SF this Saturday (it is meant to take two weeks to kick in) and that it’s all been a waste of time.
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
It won't have been a waste as no matter what happens you do have increased resistance to it. What they're not sure about is how much! I got given the detailed insert from the Calvepan and I think without a second shot the immunity reduces as time goes by where as with the second shot it boosts immunity and you are protected long term. May not have that exactly right but it's something like that. Did you get the Pandremix or the Clavepan? Think the Pandremix is supposed to be ok in one shot as it has the adjuvant while Calvepan may need the booster. Anyway they are going to contact us if they do go ahead with the booster shots so there is really no point in stressing about it. Try to put it out of your head for the time being. Know that's easier said than done but stress is no good for you or babs! :xxx
Daff Posts: 11644
Thanks Pigeonwife! I got the Pandremix, so feel a little better about it all now. Just so worried about everything. The son of a guy i work with has confirmed SF, so really worried.
marianf Posts: 5845
I was told the 2nd shot (if needed) would be in 3 weeks time. Try not to worry *)