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PrettyWoman Posts: 1233
Agh need to vent. Have had a really crappy day Phone got stolen this morning, some scumbag lifted it from my pocket on o'connell street. Noticed when the person ran off. Luckily got replacement from meteor for free but had to sign a new contract. New phone not great but I am doing interviews so picked the first one I layer eyes on Had an interview (4th one for same company) all other interviews great but this was tough and two hours! Its a long time to be "on" if you get me. Came back wrecked and not positive at all. Came home to find my car broken into (Ffs I practically live next door to the cops, albeit a "part-time station.) took stereo, who the he'll wants to by a stereo nowaday, they are so cheap Finally looking forward to h2b coming home for tea and a chat (and vent) He rings me at 5 saying he's stopping off for a pint and will be home in half an hour. No problem at all. That was at 5 and he just rang me to say he'sstaying for a little while longer (meaning 10 or 11) and will be well on his way. Don't get me wrong I don't mind him going for drinks but I wish half an hour meant half an hour. I could have made some plans but its too late now abd car will be left at pub til tomorrow. I'm more annoyed that I have no one to talk to about my shi!TTY day. I didnt even tell him bout car as i was waiting for him to come home. Sorry for rant and ramble, I am craving junk food but nothing in house until shop tomorrow
baby2011l Posts: 133
aah you poor thing, that really does sound like a shitty day. Go to the shops and get choc and wine and sit down and watch a funny film to help you unwind or go to the pub and meet your husband and go drinkin. Tomorrow can only be better :action32
marles Posts: 1397
That is seriously bad luck,you poor thing.I hope things get better for you!
MrsPatience Posts: 1147
omg that is one HORRIBLE day god love ye cant believe your phone and car at same wonder ye need to vent :action32 you surely deserve to get this job after that and a two hour interview :eek well thats a great sign ( i interview peope - so longer your in the better - meaning they really got to know you and made sure they had every thats an up :) ) Did you not tell your hubbie to come home esp after day you had I know I certainly would!! Really hope your ok pour yourself a glass of vino if ye can at all and relax :wv you derserve it :wv
PrettyWoman Posts: 1233
Thanks girls. Feel a bit better writing it down. I know talk bout bad luck. Had to tape car window up and Hoover glass. Interview was with head of dept for hour and half and half hour with HR. Was really positive last few days but today I'm not so confident didnt really want to order himself home, don't think he realizes how crap day was. He has been v good to me these last few weeks. I been a bit of a mare lately re job search and he is always there for me. He is only one who knows about interview , I'm quite private and try not to get hopes up so only want to tell family and friends when I have it in the bag. Have just made a king crisp sandwich on brennans and have a big box of makteasers in fridge. Afraid no wine tho. This is on top of a large mcchicken sandwich meal AND chicken nuggets I had for lunch to cheer me up after interview ( thank goodness for diet coke!) I swear I never eat this much, this is like my weekly calorie allowance in one day. Usually a health freak!)
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
My God Pretty Woman what a day!!! I think a big dirty McDonalds was an entirely reasonable response to all of that :o0 :o0 What awful luck though, your car and your phone on the same day :eek :eek :eek And I know what you mean, what kind of [u:2g32llsp]loser[/u:2g32llsp] would steal a car radio in this day and age?! They are cheap as chips now!! Re: the interview - as the others have said, a long interview like that is an excellent sign, they're obviously very interested in you. Try not to feel negative about it - the stress of having your phone stolen first thing in the morning put a shadow on the day for you. And fair play for being able to keep it together for the interview after that! Hope today goes better for you missus :thnk And the best of luck for the job - about being private, don't worry, we won't tell anyone ;o)
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
Oh God, what a day! Hopefully today will be a lot better. You'll probably get a phone call to say that you've gotten that job - try and stay positive about it anyway. And OMG, the amount of days where I've eaten that much, and I didn't have such a good excuse for over indulgence... :o0